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Zane Lowe Interviews Kanye West, Again

26 Feb Zane Lowe Interviews Kanye West, Again

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Zane Lowe interviews Kanye West once in a blue moon, and it’s always fun. In 2013 Kanye West sat down for a the legendary interview with BBC Radio 1. It’s known for the outlandish comment Kanye had previous to Yeezus. In that interview, Kanye gave amazing quotables, spoke on racism, fashion, rap being the new rock, and much, much more.

Today, a new interview with Kanye (recorded on Tuesday, February 24), aired on BBC Radio 1. In the interview Kanye spoke on his new album, his sadness at Louise Wilson passing, creativity, design, and more. Watch the full interview above and check out some of the best quotes below.

Kanye in 2015 is rather different to Yeezus-era ‘Ye. He’s a father now, has much more creative freedom, meanwhile songs like “Only One” and “Wolves” certainly sound different. Zane himself is also leaving BBC Radio 1, moving to Los Angeles to work for Apple… Odd.

John Saunders

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