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The xx Meets the Guggenheim

07 Nov The xx Meets the Guggenheim

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The xx are people we care about. We don’t know them, nor do we know that much about them. But whenever there’s a moment to relax and critically think, the xx are there to support us.

They’re busy recording what will be their third album, the follow up to 2012’s Coexist. In a newsletter, they offered a few more details about the recording process, which has taken place around the world. Read it below:


It’s been a while, we hope everything is wonderful with you.

This year has been a creative one for us so far, we have been hard at work writing and recording new music in a few different places around the world.

In the spring we spent a few weeks in the incredible and unique town of Marfa in Texas. Then, in Summer we spent some time just outside of Reykavik in Iceland. This Autumn we have been back in London, writing and having some time at home but this week we are heading out to Los Angeles to continue the writing and recording process.

Although all very different, each of these places have been inspirational environments to create music in, and each will have an influence on the new album. The whole process is a big adventure and we can’t wait for a time when we’ll be able to share the music with you.

Lots of love until then.

xx The xx

This Friday, I want to share with you three videos that capture the mind-blowing experience of The xx. Not only that, but its the god damn Guggenheim. You can watch a few videos of those old songs below, via FACT.

John Saunders

Enjoy yourselves and be offended. Word is bond.