WoodKid Performs "Volcano" at Zenith De Paris | Brightside
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WoodKid Performs “Volcano” at Zenith De Paris

09 Nov WoodKid Performs “Volcano” at Zenith De Paris

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We at Brightside have been itching for a local WoodKid show ever since we saw them back at Coachella two years ago. Now, to tease us even more, they uploaded a video with an astounding performance at Zenith De Paris.

Woodkid brought the uncontainable “Volcano” to the Zenith de Paris stage last February, sporting an ensemble of galloping drum beats and soaring synth arrangements. Now, we can watch for ourselves.

The official footage is a thrilling exhibition of pacing and performance. Backed by violinists and 12 (yes, 12) masked drummers cloaked in Darth Vader attire, Lemoine leads a small orchestra through his seven-and-a-half-minute opus. Woodkid and director Katya Mokolo seamlessly bridge together three-dimensional visual effects, icy beams of dancing light, and the deliberate movement of the instrumentalists to create gripping entertainment.

Watch above, and download the track here.

John Saunders

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