Watch Chance the Rapper's XXL Freshman Induction Freestyle [News] | Brightside
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Watch Chance the Rapper’s XXL Freshman Induction Freestyle [News]

12 May Watch Chance the Rapper’s XXL Freshman Induction Freestyle [News]

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Chance the Rapper

The young and great Chance the Rapper was rightfully named as one of this years XXL Freshman artists. There are numerous other talented artists on the line-up for 2014, but Chance is definitely one of the biggest names on it. On the same day as their induction cover shoot, the overall-wearing hoodlum decided to lay down a short and sweet freestyle for us all to enjoy. The freestyle features a sung introduction and a slowed down rap verse that can be more closely related to poetry than rap. Chance the Rapper unfortunately encountered some personal problems recently, causing him to cancel many of his tour dates but it is good to know the star is doing better. Enjoy his intriguing freestyle below and check out his awesome Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and Macaulay Culkin shirt while you’re at it. 

Nick Herrera

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