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Ten Reasons To Do LaB

30 Mar Ten Reasons To Do LaB

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You’ve heard of the Do LaB plenty of times on this site, but do you really know the Do LaB?

These cats in Los Angeles are doing amazing things and are doing it right. Lightning in a Bottle is such a fantastically put together festival, filled with the right amount of magic that perfectly sums up and gives you an authentic perspective of this beautiful festival community. While the Silverado Lake was arguably their best location, with growth comes change. I have only high hopes for their new location in Bradley, even though many disliked the trek through the dried up lake trenches, they are working hard on improving the layout for this years festival.

I’ve placed the Do LaB on a pedestal for all the wonderfully inspiring things they have done. I was disheartened to hear rumors that they might have been involved with a commodified camp, which is a camp made for profit. But I am happy to say that they were just rumors, and even the owner of the Confluence, Russell Ward, put these rumors to rest and shed light to how the Do LaB was not affiliated with any commodified camp. In fact, it’s been a few years since they’ve done a project for Burning Man, last when they made “Scrambled Eggs“.

The Do LaB holds high principles when it comes to giving back to the community and their art. Bringing out the inner child for those who interact with their displays, creating these environments that make you question what’s real and what’s a part of an act. I am celebrating the fact that they have stayed true to themselves not only as a production, but as part of our festival community and really creating this family connectedness with their followers. They are getting ready to bring us some really good times this summer and here are the reasons why you don’t want to miss out!

1. Their stage at Coachella is a refreshing oasis with misters and water guns to cool you down.

2. While I miss them being in the heart of Coachella, their stage still holds true to their sexy bass heavy vibes.

3. Lightning in a Bottle is known to be the greenest festival in America three years running, following a “leave no trace” principle.

4. Their festival is also recognized as a launching pad for many artists such as Bassnectar.

5. The art installations are enjoyed by all ages, from toddlers to elders and everyone in between.

6. The Village creates a bond between the attendees and the tribal community.

7. Camping only a short walk away from the stages makes the festival feel very intimate.

8. Yoga, workshops, and speakers create this wonderfully insightful community to explore during the day.

9. The Temple is a serene place to connect or collect yourself.

10. If you’d had Burning Man on your radar but are worried about getting a ticket or being able to take a week off work, Lightning in a Bottle is a close second. They bring together all the greatness of what you might find on the playa but without the dust storms and the challenge of finding a ticket. If you haven’t seen the Do LaB’s work in person, follow along for their upcoming events and make the trip.

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