Throwback Thursday: Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' Made its US Premiere | Brightside
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Throwback Thursday: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ Made its US Premiere

07 Aug Throwback Thursday: Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ Made its US Premiere

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The Wall

Now this post may be a little before this generation of music, but that is the whole reason behind Throwback Thursday. One of the greatest pieces of musical history made it’s debut in New York on August 7th, 1982. This piece of course, is none other than The Wall by Pink Floyd.

If you are a music lover and have never listened to The Wall from start to finish than you should contemplate your perception of music. This is not just some ordinary album, it is a full length artistic masterpiece which was meant to be accompanied with a theatrical performance. The screenplay that goes along with the album was written by Roger Waters and was meant to further engage their fans after gaining immense fame. He wanted to bring the meaning back to their performances and my god did he do a good job. The album consists of 26 songs that are very limited in lyrics and supplies the tempo for the screenplay. If you have a chance to watch it in its entirety, we highly suggest it.

Regardless of your musical preference, you can’t help but be amazed at what Pink Floyd put together with this album. Take a second out of your day to at least listen to The Wall all the way through, we promise you won’t be disspointed. But don’t do it for us… do it for Pink Floyd and do it for the sake of a proper TBT 😉

Nick Herrera

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