The Do LaB Releases Coachella Stage Lineup | Brightside
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The Do LaB Releases Coachella Stage Lineup

24 Mar The Do LaB Releases Coachella Stage Lineup

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One thing any experienced Coachella goer can count on is the Do LaB.  These guys have been curating some of the sickest parties for over 10 years now and Coachella gives them a great platform to spread the love.  Last year, we saw them really expand the stage by incorporating alot of diverse sound in the lineup.  This year, more of that same magic.  Do LaB regulars like Lucent Dossier ExperienceWorthy, and more will share the stage with new faces such as MijaDr. Fresch, Tropicool and Justin Jay.  It’s all going down in April, so get yourself acquainted with the talent!


Chase Ohlson

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