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The Bittersweet Status of OFWGKTA

28 May The Bittersweet Status of OFWGKTA

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Tyler, the Creator, head honcho of now mainstream hoodlum conglomerate Odd Future (also known as OFWGKTA) took to Twitter May 27 and expressed rather somber characters. Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.09.55 PM

No more?! I’ve said it for a while, but the kids known as OF have been misunderstood from day one. They’ve gone from poster children of delinquent youth, to successful musicians, to entrepreneurs, to artists, and to Pac Sun youth T-Shirt aisles… Who would have thought this guy would make such an impact by doing solely whatever the fuck he wanted:


I’m sad to see what Tyler has to say about the current status of the group, but honestly, I think the last thing fans and the media should convey is that the cause was drama or upset. I think these boys grew up. Look at what each and everyone of them is doing:

  • Tyler, the Creator – worldwide albums and tours, acclaimed artwork, clothing and merchandise design, music production, video production
  • Earl Sweatshirt – hailed as one of the best rappers alive, 3 successful albums, signed to Columbia
  • Frank Ocean – won the Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy award for Channel Orange, one of the first major African-American music artists to announce that he had once fallen in love with someone of the same sex
  • Hodgy Beats – successful in duo MellowHype with Left Brain, and MellowHigh with Domo Genesis, 3 solo mixtapes
  • Left Brain – one of the main producers of Odd Future, one half of MellowHype and a third of MellowHigh
  • Domo Genesis – collaborated with idols like Wiz Khalifa, others like Vince Staples and Action Bronson, signed to OFR
  • Syd tha Kyd – one of the main producers in Odd Future and a singer, producer and mixer in the Neo soul group The Internet with Matt Martians. She is the main producer for fellow Odd Future rapper Mike G and the older sister of non-musical Odd Future member Travis “Taco” Bennett
  • Mike G – released his debut studio album with Odd Future, Ali, received positive reviews, with reviewers praising “the silky smooth beats,” and “Mike’s laid back flow.”
  • Taco Bennett – DJ?
  • Jasper Dolphin – appears in the show Loiter Squad, but he drops a verse on the Odd Future song, ‘Oldie’, known for being a goofy flirt, and Tyler often makes fun of his weight
  • L-Boy – actor on Loiter Squad

The OF resume is stacked high, and I don’t believe them to be on bad terms. It’s not ideal that Tyler has hinted at the group’s non-existence in the present, but at least we know they’re good to go.

John Saunders

Enjoy yourselves and be offended. Word is bond.