TÂCHES wants you to "Eat Your Friends" (feat. Shoffy) [Download] | Brightside
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TÂCHES wants you to “Eat Your Friends” (feat. Shoffy) [Download]

09 Aug TÂCHES wants you to “Eat Your Friends” (feat. Shoffy) [Download]

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Spanish deep house producer, TÂCHES, has just released his newest track “Eat Your Friends”, featuring the extremely talented vocalist, Shoffy. After a successful year of consistently powerful deep house original tracks and remixes, TÂCHES continues to expand his reputation as one of the best up and coming producers in the deep house scene. And this new track, along with being an instant hit with us, is also FREE!

TÂCHES’ unique ability to combine an extremely catchy beat, rhythmic synths, and second-to-none vocals with “Eat Your Friends”, is exactly why we know this kid is going places. Much like his other tracks, TÂCHES starts this piece off with his signature stand-alone beat before introducing synths and lyrics to liven up the song. Songs like this make TÂCHES one of the few producers out there, capable of introducing songs with sometimes excessive beats, but making it all worth the while once the rhythm drops. Check out, fall in love, and download “Eat Your Friends” (feat Shoffy). Hell, maybe even show your friends, but probably don’t eat them.

TÂCHES - eat your friends (feat. Shoffy)

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