STACEY Sees a Different Form in Holloway's Remix of "All to Myself" [Brightside Premiere] | Brightside
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STACEY Sees a Different Form in Holloway’s Remix of “All to Myself” [Brightside Premiere]

05 Sep STACEY Sees a Different Form in Holloway’s Remix of “All to Myself” [Brightside Premiere]

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artworks-000089798572-hf7yks-t500x500Way back in the early days of Brightside specials, we featured the beautiful Toronto vocalist STACEY, covering her Reconstruction tape. We’ve stayed in consistent contact, following her moves across the industry. Today she sees a new light, as her track “All to Myself” in deep house form.

Montreal based DJ/producer Holloway contacted me yesterday, sharing his new edit with me. I’m always in for a rework of artists I’ve worked with in the past, but sometimes the outcome is less than expected. However, Holloway’s track blew me away off of initial contact. He takes STACEY’s originally sporadic vocal track and organizes it into acid house gold. That takes talent people.

Enjoy this Brightside Premiere, and grab the edit for free download now!

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