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Sony Releases Cassette Tape That Holds 64,750,000 Songs [News]

05 May Sony Releases Cassette Tape That Holds 64,750,000 Songs [News]

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It was only a matter of time before Sony took a shit all over Apple’s iPod, and they did it with some style by bringing back one of the most prominent forms of listening to music: the cassette tape. How did they bring it back? Well, they created one that can hold 148 gigabytes by square inch. In case you’re wondering exactly how much 148 gigabytes per square inch really is, we’ve got a note on that via ExtremeTech:

  • It’s three Blu-rays’ worth of data per square inch. Or, a total of 3,700 Blu-rays on a single tape. That’s a stack of boxes that would be nearly 15 feet high.
  • A single tape holds five more TB than this $9,305 hard drive storage array
  • A total of 64,750,000 songs. If the average song is, say, three minutes, that’s enough music to last you 8,093,750 days.

Also, in case you’re wondering how in the hell they were able to do this, feel free to read the sciencey description below via Gizmodo:

“The tape uses a vacuum-forming technique called sputter deposition to create a layer of magnetic crystals by shooting argon ions at a polymer film substrate. The crystals, measuring just 7.7 nanometers on average, pack together more densely than any other previous method.”

Alright, I’ll go ahead and admit that I don’t know what the fuck all this ^^ means, but I really don’t care. All that you need to know is that this tape has got a good amount of storage on it. Keep in mind, this device was intended for long-term, industrial sized data backup, but you can use it for whatever the hell you’d like. There is no word on a release date yet.

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