Solange vs. Jay Z: What the F*ck Just Happened? [News] | Brightside
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Solange vs. Jay Z: What the F*ck Just Happened? [News]

12 May Solange vs. Jay Z: What the F*ck Just Happened? [News]

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Jay Z is back in the news again for a scuffle, this time with his sister-in-law Solange Knowles.

After the Met Gala this past week, Sean Carter, Beyonce, Solange, and company were caught on an elevator security camera at the Standard Hotel in a seriously physical altercation. Shortly after entering the floor-skipping machine, Solange and Jay-Z can be seen in a verbal dispute. Moments later, Solange begins lunging towards Jay-Z in several attempts to kick him and expel an overwhelming amount of aggression towards the self-proclaimed King of rap music. See the shortened version here:

TMZ released an additional three minutes of footage of the spectacle, which can be seen for your private viewing and judgment.

The obvious question on everybody’s mind is the motivation behind the attack. Considering that this event is legal assault and attempted battery (I’m not a lawyer, though), there must be underlying tension between Solange and her brother-in-law that has been building for some time now. Physical attacks on another person in one’s immediate family circle do not come randomly. Maybe Solange is tired of covering up the fact that baby Blue Ivy doesn’t exist. Maybe she wants out of the Illuminati. Maybe she’s just tired and drunk.  Chances are we will never know why this happened, but we are all thrilled that the humanness of these high-status celebs is on display for the world to view.

Check some theories on the fake baby here:

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