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Sexiest Men in Music Right Now

25 Mar Sexiest Men in Music Right Now

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There’s always been something about a boy in a band, a little bad boy scruff, and a mesmerizing voice. Not too long ago we made a list on the ten sexiest women in indie music and it’s about time we recognized the beautiful men in the music industry. I like my men just like I like my music; diverse, fun, and passionate. So let’s set the mood for the Brightside babes with some black and white filtering of only the sexiest men in music. Enjoy!

[divider]20. Mikel Jollett [Airborne Toxic Event][/divider]
Besides the melancholic voice that makes you want to hug him, what makes Jollett so attractive? Well before he formed Airborne Toxic Event he was a writer and that’s just sexy as hell. Not to mention the name of the band comes from the novel White Noise by Don DeLillo.
[divider]19. Mark Foster [Foster The People][/divider]
I know the words to every song but I still don’t quite exactly know what I’m singing, but you know what… I don’t care! The songs are catchy, he’s got that innocent Ohio boy charm, and if it doesn’t work out with me and him, Fink and Pontius are cute too.
[divider]18. Thom Powers [The Naked and Famous][/divider]
Thank you Thom (and band) for making the move from Aukland to Los Angeles. Even though there’s no debate that Alisa has the more natural singing voice, the two voices together is something phenomenal.
[divider]17. Calvin Harris[/divider]
I feel so close to you Adam Wiles. But seriously, I’m so utterly jealous of Ellie Goulding. As one of the highest paying DJ’s, ladies you can this Scottish DJ all over Las Vegas.
[divider]16. Ryan Merchant [Capital Cities][/divider]
I enjoy a man who takes a risk, and that’s just how this duo came together. Merchant was the only person to respond to Sebu Simonian’s Craigslist ad and the rest is history. Needless to say, I would feel very safe and sound in his arms.
[divider]15. Louis Brodinski[/divider]
Despite his Bromance, this french babes number one love is his music. He’s been known to collaborate with others, like Gesaffelstein, to produce this fresh new wave of electro-disco.
[divider]14. Max George [The Wanted][/divider]
I have twenty bucks that they came up with the band name because their on every girls most wanted list. While the whole band is beautiful, Maximillian has these gray eyes that take the win.
[divider]13. Jesse Rutherford [The Neighbourhood][/divider]
Tattoos, smiles, AND a voice! His hip-hop background brings just the right flare to polish his pop voice. Let’s just say you’re welcome in my neighborhood any day.
[divider]12. Oliver Sim [ The xx][/divider]
The vocalist and bassist for this indie rock band from London without a doubt makes our hearts melt.
[divider]11. David Boyd [New Politics][/divider]
I follow this babe on twitter, and his bio is: “I wouldn’t mind diving into your eyes and swimming out from between your thighs”. You know what David, be my guest.
[divider]10. John Gourley [Portugal. The Man][/divider]
Ironically, it was because of their Satanic Satanist album that made me fall in love with this band. And over the last five years it’s become clear that John is in fact, the man.
[divider]9. Flume[/divider]
I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Flume belongs in the bedroom. My bedroom to be exact.
(Just kidding!!)
(But seriously…)
[divider]8. Ryan Hemsworth[/divider]
Okay, I’m just gonna be honest. Ryan could have a better name, but his sounds (and face) make up for it. Mildly obsessed with Against A Wall.
[divider]7. Jared Leto [30 Seconds to Mars][/divider]
A man with prettier hair than any normal female and eyes that are just ridiculously blue-tiful. He did just win an oscar for playing a woman in Dallas Buyers Club, but in a way that kind of makes him sexier.
[divider]6. Pharrell Williams[/divider]
Who else can’t wait to see this stud at Coachella?! Just looking at him makes me so haapppyyyy!
[divider]5. Porter Robinson[/divider]
Hey ladies, this hottie is 21! You could call him a prodigy because he’s really good at blending familiar genres and making it his own unique hard-hitting electro-step and I luuv it.
[divider]4. Dan Smith [Bastille][/divider]
You know those guys that can be kinda shy but when they write, they just explode with such eloquence (kind of like the gentlemen of Brightside)? Well Dan was that kind of man, started writing in his bedroom and then what do you know, the band has over 2 million records sold in the UK alone.
[divider]3. Baauer[/divider]
His remix of the Harlem Shake became a YouTube sensation of Mario & Luigi, Charlie Brown, Power Rangers, army men just busting out and shaking to the beat drop. I was impressed.
[divider]2. Diplo[/divider]
He’s the renaissance man of the producing music. Remember last year at Coachella at Major Lazer when Diplo came rolling out in a giant ball? Pretty sure that’s the moment I fell in love with him.
(Not to mention he sort of looks like Daniel Craig aka James Bond)
[divider]1. Zedd[/divider]
zeddFirst things first; those eyes. I lose my train of thought every time. Oh yeah, where was I… well in just the short five years he’s been producing electronic music, he’s been taking the world by storm! Thank you, Skrillex, for introducing this gorgeous Russian-German to us. And thank you Zedd, for being my clarity and all.

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