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Salt Ashes: A BNM Exclusive Interview

25 Apr Salt Ashes: A BNM Exclusive Interview

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“Weird, exciting and feisty.”

Dark pop, euro pop, grunge wear, all things included in the young, 22-year-old Veiga Sanchez, otherwise known as Salt Ashes. We’re ging to dive deep into then to so serious art, yet seriously depicted artistic values. It’s a mix up of emotion, no emotion, contradictory feelings and things that feel just right. To give you a better look into a pop star with immaculate self-governing credentials, here is the Brightside Exclusive interview with Salt Ashes.

The Interview


Hey there! Glad you wanted to talk to us. First, what’s it like being a 22-year-old in a relatively new musical atmosphere?

Weird, exciting and feisty.

Tell us a bit about Brighton… Did the UK have a strong influence on your sound?

Brighton is a hub of creativity and freedom and is always producing something new and exciting. It’s packed with musicians, artists… which makes me want to create more and push boundaries. It’s inspiring… living by the sea inspires me regardless. My sound is influenced by a lot of places and things… The Studio 54 era has a lot to blame for what I create.

What is your obsession with Giorgio Moroder? If you could send him a letter. What would it say?

He’s the god of synth disco and electro dance music… what is there not to be obsessed about?

I would say. “Giorgo.. Salt Ashes here… Let’s collab.”

One of your influences is Daft Punk… What do you think of the Arcade Fire hoax put on at Coachella Weekend 2? (see here)

It’s got people talking which is not a bad thing. Hoax or no hoax, Daft Punk’s music was getting played and loved, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Your new single “Somebody” is a debut… What message did you want to get across with your first release?

You know, I didn’t think too much about it. I think when you start over analysing things that’s the when you start to lose the real message. We live in an era where you can spend so long on writing a status, replying to messages which adapt the real person you are at times and loses all honesty. The song is my message and I want my audience to take what they like from it.

Let’s talk about your style. If you could compare your music to anyone in the history of time, who would it be and why?

I don’t like comparing my music to other artists, purely because I think my judgement is clouded when it’s my own creation. I aspire it to be a Giorgio Moroder and Kate Bush baby with a kiss of Depeche Mode. That would be cool… Dance, magic and darkness fused.

I noticed the track has also gained popularity amongst remix artists… If you could have one person remix “Somebody” who would it be and why?

Todd Terje because I love his latest record. It’s mad good. And Daniel Avery.. Sorry that’s two!

Things are just getting started. Where would you like to be in a year or so?

I would love to be playing great gigs, making more music and dancing harder.

Your EP has gotten a wonderful response. Can we expect a full length project sometime soon?

That is the aim, yes. I’ve been focusing on writing the past year or so and there is definitely a records worth of material there and more so I’m very eager to begin thinking about a release. Things always take longer than I think!

Finally, what is your Brightside? That is, what makes you want to express yourself through music?

Life does. Not just mine, but everyone around me. Life is hard and beautiful and interesting.. there’s always something or someone to write about. 


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