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Portugal. The Man @ the Observatory [Review]

28 Oct Portugal. The Man @ the Observatory [Review]

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Portugal The Man In Concert

In my days I’ve been to countless shows, and very few of them can be described as life-changing. On Portugal. the Man‘s last stop of their tour Sunday night at the Observatory in Santa Ana, the gents from Alaska put on a life-changing show. I went into the show with huge expectations, and those expectations were blown out the water. Kicking it off with “Purple Yellow Red and Blue,” Portugal. the Man utilized the intimate setting of the Observatory to take all of the fans on a musical journey. They didn’t just play their songs back to back and note to note, they shredded extended versions of all them, blending them into an hour and a half long visual/audio-gasm. Before they went into “So American,” they even started singing, “Dayman! Ohhayauuhhh! Fighter of the Nightman! Ohhayauuhhh! Champion of the sun! Ohhayauuhhh! He’s a master of karate and friendship for everyone!” (all of you It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans can really appreciate that). Then, they finished their tour with the best encore I’ve ever seen. Starting the end with a much needed tribute to Lou Reed, they brought drummer Kane Ritchotte’s dad on as a special guest to play the tribute, “The Wall,” and “Helter Skelter.” Finally, they ended the tour with “Sleep Forever” transitioning into “Hey Jude.” Looking around at everyone I was with for this moment, each one of us was shedding tears of joy and awe… a truly magical experience. Their tour may be over, but on the brightside, they announced that they will be going home to make more music.

Note: the video above was taken via an iPhone… we did not have our wonderful media crew at the event. To get the full experience you have to go see them live yourself, but this is a blurry taste of the magic that is Portugal. the Man.

Alex Whiley

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