Phoenix Performs "Chloroform" in High School Gym [News] | Brightside
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Phoenix Performs “Chloroform” in High School Gym [News]

30 Jan Phoenix Performs “Chloroform” in High School Gym [News]

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Phoenix CBack in October, Phoenix made every high school’s dream come true and secretly performed “Chloroform” in the gym at Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. Now, we’ve got the privilege of seeing this in action via Artist Den’s World Premiere. In an interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Thomas Mars explained, “The whole high school experience in the United States is very exotic for us. We actually thought about doing a whole tour at some point of high school shows, so this was sort of a test to see if it could work.” And you bet your ass it worked. “It was incredible to see how the kids reacted,” Mars says. “The first three or four songs, they were really intimidated because there was a camera and a teacher. But it ended up getting really chaotic – in a good way. They invaded the stage. Those girls had no boundaries!” The vast majority of us (basically everyone) will not be able to experience a show as epic as this in their Alma-Mater; however, we can still all check out the footage.

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