"Shriek", a Short Film about Martin Shkreli
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“Shriek”, a Short Film about Martin Shkreli

10 Jul “Shriek”, a Short Film about Martin Shkreli

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“The film serves not only as a character piece on the real life super villain, Martin Shkreli, but it also confronts the struggle of black performers who are constantly given the roles of ‘thugs’ or ‘goons.’ The characters in this film are literally and figuratively trapped in a white world by a white devil.”

Strong words.

A while back we chronicled the Ghostface Killah and Martin Shkreli beef, but this short film by Twin Visuals puts it more in perspective.

Upon reading the submission of this film, one of the men at TV stated, “There is no Superman coming to save us, but there is art, and there is journalism, and through these tools we can punish the wicked in our own way.”

We aim to do that by sharing this film. Watch below.

John Saunders

Enjoy yourselves and be offended. Word is bond.