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Masking the Self

30 Oct Masking the Self

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With Halloween quickly approaching, ask yourself what mask are you wearing?

Do you present a put-together exterior while your insides are crumbling? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve, open for the world to see? Do you wear a mask that believes itself better than those it encounters, a mask of conceit? Do you wear a mask biting and evil, or smiling and genuine?

Have you ever taken your mask off to close people in your life? Do they know your deepest desires along with your strife? Do they know the intricate human behind the “hellos” and “goodbyes?” Can they see through the niceties to the pain in your eyes?

And to you, are you looking at the people around you? Or are you too preoccupied in your own mind to notice who surrounds you? Do you take the time to ask others how they really are doing? Or do you look at their masks and make conclusions without any deducing?

This coming Halloween, remember we’re all different. We all wear masks to each other, every moment of every day. Sometimes the beautiful masks hide the saddest stories, and some average masks hide tales of glory.

Do not judge anybody by the mask they evoke. Just wear one you’re proud of, one that brings people hope. That one day we’ll live in a place free from disguise, where we won’t need masking to conceal our real eyes.


Let’s Talk Transcendentalism,

Shawna Marie Rodgers

Shawna Rodgers

My name is Shawna Marie Rodgers and I am a sprightly English major currently taking a break from higher education to pursue a life of simplicity. My physical body is 22-years of age, but I’ve always felt that it houses the soul of a 90-year old woman. A “Norcal” girl born and bred, I am an ever-curious student of life constantly seeking out information in any realm that interests me. The past two years of my life have been highlighted by a commitment to living a spiritual journey, which has been the biggest single influence in my writing. I revel at the opportunity to share my perspective with the word via Brightside. Since this is a music-based enterprise, I feel it pertinent to mention that my favorite artists are Van Morrison, Billy Joel, Macklemore, Ray La Montagne, and Ben Gibbard. That being said, I can also bust out a mean Eminem rhyme whilst going 40 in a 25. Feel free to email me at if you’d like to talk transcendentalism.