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What is Manifest Destiny Anyway?

09 Jun What is Manifest Destiny Anyway?

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For those who were asleep, stoned, or otherwise preoccupied during your American History classes in high school, let me give you a brief refresher course in the European colonization of the Americas. After the WASPy settlers brought cholera and smallpox and guns with which to kill the indigenous populations of humans that lived on this continent before we did, they moved Westward towards what is now the California coastline, establishing buildings and monuments and claims to previously un-owned topographical regions. The right to take land and announce ownership stemmed from a term known as “Manifest Destiny.” These settlers claimed that they had a God-given right to pursue progress for the sake of progress. It is this notion that is held in the highest regards amongst the richest families in America to this day (think Koch brothers, the Rockefellers, the Waltons). There’s something else these families have in common other than their love of money and of being incredibly powerful, they are aware of what is referred to us commoners as “The Secret.”

The secret is the power of our individual consciousness, how our thoughts can create our realities. Rich and powerful people do not want you to believe in yourself. They do not want you to know how great you have the potential to be, because that would mean one less person to buy into their own imagined destinies, or “manifested” destinies. Our thoughts, however positive or negative, have a direct impact and influence in the quality of our lives because they carry measurable, vibrational charges. If you think that you will be a lower middle class, white-collar worker until you turn 65, all of the energy you expend on a daily basis will bring you to that truth. It is a scientific fact that we are electromagnetic beings, carrying frequencies and energies around with us that have the power to influence our daily interactions in either positive or negative ways. There is no gray area to this truth unless you are omitting an incredibly apathetic energy into your immediate field of presence, into your spheres of influence. If you speak my language about having a de-calcified pineal gland and trusting your intuitive powers over your logical mind, this article will only reaffirm what you already know to be true. However, if you are just getting started on your quest for truth, read onwards.

The biggest lie you have ever been told is that you do not have any power. If you believe this to be true, you go about your life-giving your power to other people. You spend money on clothing you don’t even like because a corporation with brilliant advertisers has convinced you that your quality of life will improve with a new fashion sense. You devote all your energy in educational and vocational careers that you don’t really have a passion for, but have been trained to believe that you need in order to be successful and in order to survive. Take a look at the most successful people in the world. Did they go to college, get their master’s degree, then move on to work for 30 years in a cubicle toward retirement? Is that how they became successful? No, it’s not. They didn’t follow the path that’s been set out for you to follow because they know it would only lead so far. There is a certain ceiling that will bar you from reaching your true potential. It is the thought that you cannot be everything you want to be. This thought has been ingrained in you by your culture, the media, and the government, in order to keep you in the dark about the beauty of your imagination.

This is a theme brought to us in many children’s literary novels and storylines, the power of imagination. If we imagine the kinds of lives we want for ourselves, and I mean really and truly want, do they usually entail working 8 hours, sleeping 8 hours, and playing 8 hours in a continual loop until we die? No! These envisioned lives involve travel and adventure and excitement, the very things that made our species successful in the first place. These dreams and goals are not just for those with financial stability, they are for those who believe in their hearts that they can bring about those magical lives with the power of intention. They use high frequency thoughts to bring about better energies into their lives. They pay attention to the opportunities presented and do not judge how they may come to pass. Often times the very situations that seem to be the least beneficial to us or the most annoying have the most to teach us about where our lives are headed, about where we can find our bliss. If you are working at a job you hate and living in a town you can’t stand, why are you making yourself miserable trying to fit a square into a circle? The mere fact that you are dissatisfied with that life should be the catalyst you need to get out and do something different, something that YOU want to do in your heart of hearts.

Stop wasting your money at CVS and Target and Walmart. Every dollar you spend at these places is one less opportunity for you to save up for a plane ticket to Europe. Each additional drink you spend at the bar each weekend could be going towards music lessons or horseback riding or towards an experience that will actually fulfill you. Products and material things are not fulfilling, and yet we acquire them in excess because they make us feel that our lives are worth something. We have been tricked into believing, that owning material goods equates a successful existence. They do not. Success is defined by what you believe in the deepest part of your being will bring you and everybody around you happiness and enlightenment. You get to manifest your own destiny, or you get to be in the ensemble of another person’s dream being fulfilled.

Take 10 minutes today to sit down without the radio, television, your cell phone or your computer. Block out any sort of distractions and think about what kind of life you want to live. Picture yourself at age 90, looking back on your life. Do you want to be thrilled at the chances you took or depressed by the conformity to which you devoted your energy, as you wandered aimlessly through the motions of a unsatisfying existence all because somebody else told you that you weren’t good enough? I’m here to tell you that you have the power to create the most beautiful and magical life you could ever dream up. The reality sit hat you have to quiet the demons telling you otherwise and just believe.

Don’t worry about the “how” questions that are bound to arise once you’ve put forth the ideas of what you truly want. Opportunities will present themselves to you once you are truly ready to take them, and until then treat every interaction with the utmost respect and learn everything you can about how to become a better human being.

What is Manifest Destiny anyways, and who really cares.


Let’s Talk Transcendentalism (and backpacking Asia if you’re down),


Shawna Rodgers

My name is Shawna Marie Rodgers and I am a sprightly English major currently taking a break from higher education to pursue a life of simplicity. My physical body is 22-years of age, but I’ve always felt that it houses the soul of a 90-year old woman. A “Norcal” girl born and bred, I am an ever-curious student of life constantly seeking out information in any realm that interests me. The past two years of my life have been highlighted by a commitment to living a spiritual journey, which has been the biggest single influence in my writing. I revel at the opportunity to share my perspective with the word via Brightside. Since this is a music-based enterprise, I feel it pertinent to mention that my favorite artists are Van Morrison, Billy Joel, Macklemore, Ray La Montagne, and Ben Gibbard. That being said, I can also bust out a mean Eminem rhyme whilst going 40 in a 25. Feel free to email me at smrodgers10@gmail.com if you’d like to talk transcendentalism.