Manics & Popgang Records: A BNM Exclusive Interview | Brightside
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Manics & Popgang Records: A BNM Exclusive Interview

16 Dec Manics & Popgang Records: A BNM Exclusive Interview

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Meet Jordan and Chris.

Two innovative music and taste-makers from San Francisco, who together bring their passion for refreshing dance music to life through their live electronic act, Manics. In addition to playing shows and pumping out pop/ indie / disco inspired tracks, these two have been building a successful artist collective and record label known as Popgang Records. Here is our exclusive sit-down interview:

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Jake Randolph

Hey Brightsiders, I’m Jake Randolph or better known as Jakey around these parts. I am the San Francisco Manager for Brightside and I’m in charge of all of the unique music, stories and events coming out of the great city of San Francisco. My exposure to music started when my older sisters would repeatedly make me listen to 90’s Pop music like Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, New Kids on the Block and many others. Big shout out to my mom for letting me rock MC Hammer Pants and a Vanilla Ice haircut! As I transcended through my youth and teenage years I was hooked on Hip Hop and R&B with a little Rock mixed in here and there. After college I moved to SF and I kicked off my DJ career. I am now DJing throughout the Western US and working as a Producer making all sorts of dance music. To me… music is not just something you listen to… its a language that speaks to people all over the world. No matter where you are or what type of mood you’re in, there’s always a song out there that can take you to a better place. Blue Skies and Good Vibes.