LOVRA Brings Good Vibes with "Cosmos" [Download] | Brightside
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LOVRA Brings Good Vibes with “Cosmos” [Download]

08 Jun LOVRA Brings Good Vibes with “Cosmos” [Download]

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German artist, LOVRA has been making a name for herself in the electronic scene of Germany as she brings in good vibes to the genre. Her latest track, “Cosmos” was just released on Soundcloud and it is an absolute sensation, literally. With its spacey synths and dance beats, “Cosmos” induces a galactic sensation that keeps your feet moving all night long. You wouldn’t want to stop dancing, and you even if you wanted to, you probably couldn’t. Check out LOVRA, she’s sexy as fuck, and her music will make you dance until your feet give out and make you fall in love with everything around you in the process.

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LOVRA - Cosmos
Chase Ohlson

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