Kurt Cobain Documentary "Montage of Heck" Trailer
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Kurt Cobain Documentary “Montage of Heck” Trailer Released

12 Mar Kurt Cobain Documentary “Montage of Heck” Trailer Released

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HBO and Universal have just released the first trailer for their upcoming Kurt Cobain documentary, and it appears that the film will be as emotionally tumultuous as the rocker’s own life. Whether you’re a fan of Cobain, Nirvana, both, or neither you are guaranteed to feel something deep down in your heart watching this trailer. Seeing as most of us at Brightside grew up in the 90’s, Cobain is seen as in that immortal and legendary music status to us. And we’re not alone.

Watch the trailer above and get ready for a beautiful Kurt Cobain documentary when HBO releases the film on May, 4th.

Isaac Maltzer

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