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I Know The Chief- Stay Coloured [New Talent]

08 Nov I Know The Chief- Stay Coloured [New Talent]

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I know the chief
As I was exploring the depths of soundcloud, I stumbled upon a pretty awesome surprise on my Friday afternoon. They young band ‘I Know The Chief’ may only have two songs out right now, but both are some very enjoyable tracks. The Australian indie-electronic band have a happy and uplifting feel to their music, and is perfect to reminisce on those bright and sunny days we miss so much. The band considers Phoenix, The Foals, and Two Door Cinema Club as some of their influences, which is interesting because it is scary how much the lead singer sounds like Alex Timble, the lead vocalist from Two Door.

The band may be fairly new, but keep an eye out for them because they plan on taking some big steps in the music industry, and they definitely have something to offer. Check out ‘Stay Coloured’ above, as well as another track from the Auzzie’s called ‘Creature’ below!

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