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Glass City Vice: A BNM Exclusive Interview

03 Mar Glass City Vice: A BNM Exclusive Interview

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Glass City Vice

The Brighton-based alternative rock band Glass City Vice were nice enough to do an interview with us to give us a little bit of an insight into who Glass City Vice really is. Consisting of Josh Oliver (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals), Lawrie Miller (Drums), Dudley Powel (Bass), and Edward Lytton (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Glass City Vice has made it’s way into the rock scene as an up and comer, and especially into the hearts of us here at Brightside. The interview gives us a good idea about how the band came about, what their music is really about, its history, and what’s planned for the future. Enjoy this exclusive interview with Glass City Vice!

the Interview

with Ben Rogers

You started Glass City Vice in 2010. How did you guys come about? What is Glass City Vice?

Josh: We all met at college in Brighton, Ed and I discovered a mutual love for the same bands and hadn’t even heard each other play guitar before we agreed to make a band together, could have been a complete disaster but I think it turned out ok! We met Lawrie in the pub and Dudley was on our college course too. Not the most exciting meeting story…

Who writes your songs? What are they about?

Josh: I usually right the top lines and basic music however it’s always a totally different song by the time it’s been taken to the studio. We all work on it and put in ideas to create the final product. That’s what makes is a GCV song rather than my half finished song! The meanings vary really, a lot of the time I write about personal experiences but I also like to make up stories, characters etc.

Who has inspired you in the past?

Josh: We have loads of inspirations but it’s more of a respect for the bands that slog away and still make something of themselves, bands like Biffy Clyro who really play the long game.

How often do you guys practice?

Josh: At least once a week if we aren’t touring sometimes twice.

What do you guys do when you’re not practicing?

Josh: Sit around drinking tea and reading poetry, talking about love, life and philosophy…but really, work to pay the rent and write!

 You have played alongside some big names in the past. Who was your favorite?

Josh: They have all been great in different ways! I would say one of my favourites was with Rival Schools. Those guys are legends and Dudley is (now we all are) a big fan of Walter Shreifels so we were all pretty humbled to be sharing the stage with them. We weren’t sure whether we would get booed off stage or cheered but we managed to put on a good show and their fans were really welcoming. The band were such nice guys too which makes it 10 times more enjoyable.

 Landslide is out March 9th, 2015. What is different about this new single? What inspired you for these new tracks?

Josh: Que cheesy line. This is the start of a new Glass City Vice for us really. We had a chat with a manager friend of ours the other day who summed it up pretty nicely. He said that when he first met us 3 years ago we were a band trying to make it on to the musical map and discover who we were as a band really. Now we have got ourselves on the map and we are on people’s radars, it’s these small transitions that get you to the next stages. We felt we needed to write the best songs we have written so we just took a year out to do that. This single is super poppy, but we like the vibe of it and its always fun to play live. The song is written about always trying and never succeeding, “when I try too hard it’s like a landslide”. The B-side 72nd Street is a total contrast to the single which is what we wanted. Sorry, long answer…

You have shows set for throughout the UK until early May 2015. What’s next? US?

Josh: Maybe! At the beginning of the year we were unsure about where this band was going, what we were doing, can we keep it up? But suddenly we had a load of really cool stuff happen, some of which we are doing on the scenes and some behind but it only takes one small thing to lift your spirits when you are in a place like that, it always comes when you are least expecting it. I think we are just going to keep gigging as much as possible, record, write (we already have the album written) and see where it takes us. We are at a really exciting place with this band so we are just going to do our best to keep up the momentum!

Glass City Vice - Landslide

UK Tour Dates – Spring Shows 2015

3rd Mar. – Concorde 2 – Brighton (Supporting – Dry The River)

1st Apr. – The Cricketers – Kingston

15th Apr. – The Hope and Run – Brighton

18th Apr. – Inderpendant – Sunderland

7th May – The Dog and Whistle – Hurtford

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