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Why This Generation Is Better Than The 60s

05 Mar Why This Generation Is Better Than The 60s

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It must be the hundredth time I’ve heard this, “Man, I wish we lived in the 60s.” Almost mindlessly I nod my head and reply, “Yeah man, that’d be rad…” But you know what, as I look around the street corner with a spliff in hand, I see two dudes walking down the street holding hands, last year’s Coachella wristband on the hand of an ambitious entrepreneur, and all of the best music in the world available at my fingertips.

The hippie spirit is being brought out in all of us these days. You can see it in the the booming drug culture, the fight for equal rights, the rise of underground artists, young entrepreneurs giving the finger to 9-5 paper pushing jobs so they can do what they love, and the ability for everyone’s voice to be heard. The time has come for history to repeat itself; the hippies are back to rebel with danker weed, more rights, more motivation, more music, and better tools… Ladies and gents, it’s time to make this the best fucking generation history has ever seen.

Real quick, let’s highlight why we are the modern hippies:

  • They smoked pot; we smoke some daaank ass pot (and legalized it).
  • They fought for black rights; we fought for gay rights.
  • They listened to vinyl; we still listen to vinyl (and digital)
  • They went to Woodstock; we go to Coachella.
  • They protested Vietnam; we walked on Wall Street.
  • They smoked cigarettes wherever they wanted; we hit G-pens wherever we want.
  • They tripped on LSD; we roll on MDMA.
  • They hated Russia; we hate Putin.
  • They had beatniks; we have hipsters.
  • They had free love; we have free music.

So, why is this generation better than the 60s? Well, we’ve got something they didn’t have. In fact, you’re using it right now.

The internet really is a beautiful thing. It’s a place where anyone with a voice can speak up and be heard; it connects us to people, ideas, videos, knowledge, music… anything, from anyone in the world. Granted, some people misuse the power of being heard and attempt to feed the masses oceans of bullshit (Buzzfeed). However, once you know to stay away from all the bullshit, you will see that many people have seen the power of the internet and have used it for the right reasons. Countless entrepreneurial endeavors have succeeded thanks to the communicative platform that is the internet. A plethora of people have shared their ideas (TED), their knowledge on open online courses, and all sorts of valuable information all over the internet. Starving artists with nothing to their name but a dope fucking track have the opportunity to get their voice heard across the world, thanks to the internet. Many of them have. At the end of the day, the internet has opened our eyes to the truths in this world and connected us all, giving us the potential to do whatever the fuck we want to do, whatever we love to do.

What makes this generation better than the 60s is not the internet, but the road ahead of us it has helped pave. We all know how many our parents ended their hippie movement: suit and tie, pushing papers, running through the motions, etc. The road ahead of us, the road we at Brightside are taking, is one founded on art, love, and music. If you’re going to join us, don’t forget to roll a spliff for the road.

Alex Whiley

A young music aficionado always vibing to indie, jazz, or soul. My ghouls are my bread and butter.