Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry' Rumored to Drop Friday [BREAKING]
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Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry Rumored to Drop Friday

01 Aug Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry Rumored to Drop Friday


Here is the latest and most trustworthy update regarding Frank Ocean’s long awaited sophomore album Boys Don’t Cry:

New rumors and news have emerged in the past 24 hours. Friday is the slated date, however we remain skeptical until the album is in our hands (or hard drives).

The New York Times has reported that the album will arrive this Friday, August 5, after speaking with an unidentified source—perhaps  an Apple Music team member involved in Ocean’s exclusivity deal. (P&P) Given the common trend, we lean towards this being true with Fridays as the new national music release day (or the norm at least).

The article reads “The release is also expected to include a major video and a printed publication called Boys Don’t Cry that will be distributed at Apple stores.”

John Saunders

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