Flume Drops No. 1 Off of Skin, "Never Be Like You" (Feat. Kai) | Brightside
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Flume Drops No. 1 Off of Skin, “Never Be Like You” (Feat. Kai)

19 Jan Flume Drops No. 1 Off of Skin, “Never Be Like You” (Feat. Kai)

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Flume released one over the weekend, here’s what he had to say:

The first single from Skin came out over the weekend, it’s called Never Be Like You and features vocals from the super talented Kai.

This one came together over a few months. We started by sending ideas back and forth while I was in LA and Kai was in Toronto then got together in New York at the FC x Red Bull NYC writing camp in October. At the start of that session we weren’t feeling that inspired, so we took a break and went out into the New York night. We came back to the studio a few hours later and it all started to click.

Massive thank you to Jonathan Zawada for the artwork on this one. Jonathan’s been amazing with helping guide the visual side of the project and I’m really excited to share more of his creations with you real soon as more music comes out.”

Flume - Never Be Like You
John Saunders

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