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Earl Sweatshirt Just Ain’t the Same [Updated]

19 Aug Earl Sweatshirt Just Ain’t the Same [Updated]

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I was doing my morning scour through blogs and emails, when I came across a news story from Pigeons & Planes discussing the disgust within Earl Sweatshirt’s heart towards Taylor Swift and her new video “Shake it Off”.

The video shows Swift making a transition from her soft-loving country roots to the ever so common poppy play on “music”. Of course, you won’t get my true emotion towards it, as I choose not to review Taylor’s endeavours. What really struck me was not the actual fact that Earl was disgusted, but a long line of peculiar behaviors recently spilling from the press (and his Twitter).


It’s not unusual for Earl to be unusual, seeing that he is one of the main roles in Odd Future. It’s unusual for him to be normal. Or for that matter, politically proactive. Of course the media has been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to figure out what to do with Ferguson, MO. There are numerous icons chiming in about it, but Earl is not one I would have expected to hop in.

Don’t confuse my article for political agenda, I appreciate anyone who voices an opinion on the matters at hand. That’s fine that Earl is doing so… BUT, he’s changed… It was never about taking a stance, it was about not giving a shit until you didn’t have one.

What ever happened to “just don’t give a fuck” Earl, who could be seen in photo shoots on his couch watching TV, blitzed out of his mind, answering every questions with something along the lines of “yeah, whatever man.” This is a brash generalization, but Earl’s cult like following didn’t develop their love for his newfound outspoken personality. They developed a love for his inherent ability to bring forth reality in music, down to the silly core.

I loved Doris, but even with that release we could see Earl starting to lean towards the emotional identification he seems to ride today. I guess being politically heard is a new trend for all musicians, but there needs to be a line you draw as a musician, where the topic at hand is not meant to be for your audience.

He probably is the same. And if you’re reading this, you may ask me why I am so against him being vocal about racial stereotypes. I’m not. I’m actually against musical steretypes, and I’d hate for Earl to be one of them. I just feel that commenting on a Taylor Swift video to thousands of people goes against everything he preaches in his music.

AGAIN, this is not an article stabbing at political activity in times of hardship. I’m simply just asking for the good ol’ Earl to strip himself of any emotional or noticeable behavior. That seems easy, right?


ANNNNNDDDDD, to sum everything up, political preference should not be involved in musical creation.


Earl seems to be doing the same, but wtf.

Taylor’s new video:

John Saunders

Enjoy yourselves and be offended. Word is bond.