Dr. Fresch's "Walk That Talk" Brings New Meaning to G-House [Download] | Brightside
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Dr. Fresch’s “Walk That Talk” Brings New Meaning to G-House [Download]

18 Mar Dr. Fresch’s “Walk That Talk” Brings New Meaning to G-House [Download]

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One of our long time favorite producers, Dr. Fresch, has recently collaborated with the up and coming rapper Thews for a heavy hitting G-House single. “Walk That Talk” starts with a steady build that gets listeners anticipated for the remainder of the track. In contrast to many of Dr. Fresch’s previous releases, Thews’ vocals are consistent throughout the majority of the track with the occasional break for the heavy bass breakdowns. The track was released yesterday through Echelon and has been receiving some solid response since. Turn up your speakers or put some ear buds in because you will want to get the full experience for this track. Listen to Dr. Fresch’s most recent work below and let us know your thoughts!

Walk That Talk

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