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Which Day of the Week is Best to Release Music? Friday, I Guess

18 Nov Which Day of the Week is Best to Release Music? Friday, I Guess

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Which day of the week is the most optimal, fair, creative and successful day to release music?

“Around the world, new music is released nearly eight days a week.” – WSJ

That being an impossible statement, I realize now that even with set days (US on Tuesdays, Britain on Mondays, Japan on Wednesdays, depending on if it’s a major release) music is constantly released. However, record labels all over the world are now asking retailers to stop going by the books, and all stick to one day of the week:


Crispin Hunt, a member of the former Britpop band the Longpigs, believes there will be “a sense of occasion” to music, which he said “has become a utility like water and electricity” heard when “you go into the public toilets.”

“When things come out sporadically, people go, ‘Oh, yeah, I’ve heard that’ ” said Mr. Hunt. “It stops being exciting.” As for the transition, “I’m pretty sure the logistics industry will be able to deal with it,” he said.Unfortunately, the US and UK are nto down. “The obvious retort is, ‘Who says?’ ” wrote Kim Bayley, the head of Britain’s Entertainment Retailers Association. Might as well had said, “Who gives a shit?”

“Do you ever hear people say, ‘Thank God it’s Tuesday’?” asked Frances Moore, chief executive of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, the record labels’ trade group in London (inserted title that is a mother fucking mouthful), which has led the movement.

Many US retailers worry that a Friday release day will create supply problems and hurt midweek business without necessarily boosting it over the weekend and create notoriety for art and its industry and taxes (sarcasm).

“When did [the IFPI] become the government?”Mike Fratt, general manager and buyer at Homer’s Music in Omaha, added.

They didn’t. They became musicians, dick. [opinion]

In the pre-Internet era of CDs, the lack of global coordination didn’t matter much. But when Apple Inc. opened the iTunes Music Store a decade ago, making downloads available in some countries before others depending on their national release days, some music fans started getting jealous—and in many cases desperate, often scouring free or illegal music sites for the newest releases rather than patiently waiting for their country’s turn. (WSJ)

When Daft Punk released their album, Random Access Memories after a prolonged marketing campaign that had die-hard fans “biting their nails.” The album was released first on a Friday in Germany, Australia, Sweden and other Friday-first nations. Within minutes, one record company executive said he saw piracy spike “through the roof” in parts of the world where the album wasn’t yet for sale. Yeah, because Friday is the biggest culprit for online piracy. Let’s send Friday to Guantanamo.

Basically, record labels around the world have decided its time to act, and get this world renowned day in order.

Michael Kurtz, who launched an annual “Record Store Day” six years ago to drum up business for record stores, said he found it “odd” that “no one wants to speak to us about it.” Of course, Record Store Day falls on a Saturday, but “that’s like throwing a party—you can’t throw a party on a Wednesday, because no one’s going to show up,” he said. Guy knows how to party.

Mr. John Marmaduke, former head of the retail chain Hastings Entertainment, feels great pride for his creation of “New Release Tuesdays.” He said his company asked the record labels to create a firmer street date in the 1980s because, without one, business had been complicated. Since Tuesday was one of the slowest days of the week, he said, “we could garner that day as our own.” Tuesday also provided a “safety day,” if product didn’t arrive Monday. Tuesday is now also the day DVDs, Blu-ray discs and books come out.

“I’m surprised people are as agitated as they appear to be,” said Mr. Harvey. So yes, “Who does give a shit?”

John Saunders

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