CRSSD Recap (A Visual Telling by Alex Drachnik) | Brightside
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CRSSD Recap (A Visual Telling by Alex Drachnik)

07 Mar CRSSD Recap (A Visual Telling by Alex Drachnik)

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Here are some photos to give you an idea of just how fun CRSSD was this weekend. All photos in this set were taken by long time friend and associate of Brightside, Alex Drachnik. Enjoy:

CRSSD Spring 2016

Alex Drachnik

Hello there- the name is Alex Drachnik and I recently just transferred from De Anza community college located in the Bay Area (and yes, I still say hella). I'm the newest member of BNM, brightening up the TV side of the operation by taking funky pictures and making snazzy videos at events with my new partner in crime Isaac. I'm a big fan of all kinds of music but lately I've been into funky remixes/EDM/music that'll get me dancing in the morning. I used to be a hardcore band photographer and have slowly moved from that scene to EDM and alternative events. A film production major at state, I live on the computer and am always searching for the newest groovy song to incorporate into my movies.