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Crossed Up With Prince Fox

27 Feb Crossed Up With Prince Fox

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Here’s another segment for ya: Crossed-Up. Everyone deserves a bit of fun. So let’s give it to the artists for a second. We ask the questions they wish they knew why we’re dishing them up. Confused? Good. They may not like them, they may not know how to answer them. But somehow you know who they are afterwards.

Our boy Prince Fox is one of the coolest up-and-comers in electronic music, and we wanted to have a little chat with him.  As you know, Crossed Up likes to keep light — keep it funky.  Here’s a little insight into Prince Fox that you wouldn’t get in any normal interview:

kimbra - settle down (prince fox rmx)

What’s up Prince Fox?

Hey! All is well thank. Great to chat with you!

What is it that made you become a music producer?

Well, I started out as a singer songwriter, and then became obsessed with how my guitar sounded and recording it… and the rest just kind of stemmed from there!

Do you run all of your tracks by your great aunt before releasing them? 

Hahah its funny you mention that, I actually do send my stuff to my grandparents and parents when/ sometimes before I put them out.

Do you prefer New York or Los Angeles? Why?

Honestly, I’m definitely torn. I absolutely love the weather and the scene in LA, and I have a lot of great friends and family  there, too.  However, my immediate family, grandparents, and old friends are all here in NYC, so  I really think my heart will always be here, regardless of where I spend time.

How was your shopping date with Dr. Fresch

Oh it was the best. He is a great homie, and stylistically we had similar taste in stores to visit so it was awesome.

What are your definitive top 5 emojis?

  1. Playing Hands/High Five
  2. Heart (preferably red)
  3. One Tear Face
  4. Two Tear Face
  5. Heart Eyes Face

What’s the wackiest shit you’ve ever seen go down while DJing.

Hmmm… that is a tough one. Well, not including things that involved people coming near me and people drunkenly/accidentally dislodging my USB’s during my closing song… I would have to say the craziest thing I’ve seen was when people were getting on eachothers shoulders, and going absolutely crazy (festival style) at a prominent Miami night club in South Beach.

You and a gang of DJ friends plan to unite to form a supergroup called “josh panda” — Which friends do you recruit?

Really hard for me to pick friends to be in a super group, especially one so similarly named to the entity that is Josh Pan. However, if I had to, I would probably try and get Liam Neeson’s number and call him, because what is really super in this world without him?!

Got any plans this weekend?

It’s one of my best friend’s Harry “Choppa Dunks” Dunkley’s birthday this weekend, so likely hanging out with him for a good portion of it.

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