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Crossed Up with Leon Osborn

08 Aug Crossed Up with Leon Osborn

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leon osborn

Here’s another segment for ya: Crossed-Up. Everyone deserves a bit of fun. So let’s give it to the artists for a second. We ask the questions they wish they knew why we’re dishing them up. Confused? Good. They may not like them, they may not know how to answer them. But somehow you know who they are afterwards. Enjoy.

Volume 1: 

Leon Osborn

BNM: List 5 things you would bring with you on an apocalyptic survival journey.

Leon: I’d stay right where I am, there would be no survival journey. If the world goes to apocalyptic ruin then I don’t think trying to survive makes very much sense. BUT, while waiting to be incinerated/eaten, I’d like some tea and water, a nice person, and some granola with milk.

List 5 songs that you’d play at a dinner party.

I’m not sure about dinner parties… But I suppose I would play the same music that I’d play anywhere else. I’m quite fond of Bob Dylan so maybe ‘One Too Many Mornings’ and ‘Mama, You Been On My Mind’… I like Dimlite, so maybe ‘Roo’. If it’s one of those dinner parties where everyone gets all jacked up on hallucinogens then maybe ‘Rhubarb’ by Aphex Twin. Actually, that song is appropriate in any situation. I’d also like to play anything by Lord RAJA.

List 5 places you want to go this year.

Kathmandu, Pokhara, Varinasi, Darjeeling, Copenhagen.

Please write a 2-line poem describing your next project.

Tragedy enthralling dilapidated coffee-related-death light bulb bruise.

       Swing shimmering hammer fall pond clock banks.

What is your music’s “food” and why?

Alan Watts lectures. I listen before I sleep, and get into a nice mindset. It helps me make music. I also collect shells sometimes, and that’s nice. In a purely musical sense, grainy sine synths, rain, and claps.

If you had to write an extremely cheesy Facebook status right now, what would you say?

Facebook is devil-demon spirit and I refuse to endorse it.

You’re in a crowded place. It’s hot, it smells like meat, and you somehow got stuck in line for something. What’s the most ideal occurrence to happen for you?

How did you manage to construct my perfect nightmare? Ideal occurrence: a tall dark figure next to me says “hey pssst.. get inside my coat.” and I say “what?” and the figure says “there’s loads of room in here.” and they open their coat and I step into a large bright room.

If you were a bear, what type would you be (based solely off of your musical talent) and why?

‘Musical talent’ sheeeesh thanks! I’d be a sun bear, they don’t need to hibernate, and I usually make music all year round. Although I do sleep a lot…

Give us your best news update on the topic of your choice.

It’s not exactly an update.. Israel and Palestine perpetuate conflict and cause insane suffering for all people involved because of land and religious rights. I guess the update, the new finding, might be: PEOPLE WOULD RATHER DIE THAN GET ALONG AND BE REASONABLE.

Finally, give us 5 GIFs that best explain who you are.

I don’t really know how that would work, perhaps that explains best. Maybe instead I’ll tell you five things that I did today, that should give some insight into who I am.

I woke up, I patted my cat, I watched half of a German lecture, I ate some granola, and I made half a song.


John Saunders

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