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Crossed Up with Crystal Ghost

31 Oct Crossed Up with Crystal Ghost

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Here’s another segment for ya: Crossed-Up. Everyone deserves a bit of fun. So let’s give it to the artists for a second. We ask the questions they wish they knew why we’re dishing them up. Confused? Good. They may not like them, they may not know how to answer them. But somehow you know who they are afterwards. Enjoy.

BNM: For some reason you paid 50mil to be one of the first people to live on Mars. Choose 3 other musicians to go with you to keep music alive on mars.

Crystal Ghost:

  1. Metronomy
  2. All Cats with Musical Talent
  3. Marilyn Balker (My Sister)


What’s your most valuable tangible object and why?

A Vajra Kilaya pendant blessed by Garchen Rinpoche. I got to sit through a few days of his teachings and it really inspired a lot of change in my life.


When are you going to launch your Myspace account? 

When Tom asks me to be his friend in real life.


Write a haiku about how much you love bacon (if you love bacon, if not, write a haiku about why you don’t like bacon).

Bacon is my Heart

My Heart is Hurt by Bacon

But Bacon Tastes Good


Do you think Tupac is still alive? Why?

Yes, because all conspiracies are in fact truth.


On a scale of 1 to 10, 7 being the highest, rate the state of the music industry right now and your reasoning.

I have hope that the internet will bring further connections and collaborations leading to new ideas in music. As long as people continue to experiment and help each other, things will continue to get better.


Tell the fans what “Bodhicitta Beats” are.

Bodhicitta Beats are filled with love, honesty, and compassion. The definition for bodhicitta is “the mind that strives toward awakening and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings.” I try to live my life by bodhicitta, and i want my music to reflect that in a simple musical way.


Fill in the blank: “Rob Schneider was an animal, then he was a woman, and now… Rob Schneider is ________”

Based god.


If you could describe your style in 3 songs, what would they be?

Metronomy – Back On the Motorway

Bee Gees – Spirits (Having Flown)

Caribou – Back Home


Name 4 things you’d find in your ideal trick or treat bag (it can be candy, or money, or unicorns)…

  1. Bodhicitta
  2. Cats
  3. Trees
  4. A modern home studio with a genie who has never ending wishes. 


Alex Whiley

A young music aficionado always vibing to indie, jazz, or soul. My ghouls are my bread and butter.