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Crossed Up with Beau Young Prince

03 Sep Crossed Up with Beau Young Prince

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Here’s another segment for ya: Crossed-Up. Everyone deserves a bit of fun. So let’s give it to the artists for a second. We ask the questions they wish they knew why we’re dishing them up. Confused? Good. They may not like them, they may not know how to answer them. But somehow you know who they are afterwards. Enjoy.

Volume 2: 

Beau Young Prince

BNM: Beau Young Prince… BYP. What else could BYP stand for if you had to make up your own acronym for it?

Beau: Be Your Passion

As a kid, would you consider yourself to be a Nickelodeon connoisseur, or a Cartoon Network aficionado? Why?

I am a 90’s kid. So I command an extensive knowledge of both. I enjoyed everything from All That, Are You Afraid of The Dark, Hey Arnold, Cat-Dog, The Wild Thornberries, Rocket Power, Kenan and Kel, Doug, even drugged out Ren and Stimpy. Like WTF Nick? Many more I could Say about Nick, but now Cartoon Network :). Johnny Bravo, Dexter, Power Puff Girls, Cow and Chicken, Ed Edd n, Eddy, Reboot, Pinky and the Brain, and I can’t forget Courage the Cowardly Dog or Cow and Chicken. AHH memories. 

Name an ideal bowl of soup for you right now.

Always Clam Chowder (The New England Style)

Give us three of your favorite rappers in your favorite restaurant with your favorite dishes in front of them…

Ok, no problem. I recall this time I went out with three of my friends…The setting is the year XXXX at THE Thunder Burger Restaurant in Washington, DC. It was a nice Friday night when the four of us slide out towards Georgetown from my dwelling. Ye had a concert that night and wanted to grab some food so so we took Ye’s new Mercedes G, it was all black with the tinted windows of course, to eat before the show. Kim wanted to tag along but I said, “No. I wanted it to be just the guys.” Anyway, we are sitting down and I spark 2 javelins while waiting for our food.  Kanye wanted to try the Jerk Shrimp, Danny Brown crushed the infamous “Rib Entree” and Travis Scott ordered some lavish New York Strip Steak. Travis and I also split a bottle of champagne.  

What do you believe to be the meaning of life?

Life is finding your purpose. Discovering your true self. It is a never-ending journey because even when we gain age and wisdom we are still growing. The most wise person knows that really they know nothing at all. Im my opinion the world is really deep, and filled with complexities that we as humans will never understand. It is what makes us human. We are short- minded, pleasure-seeking animals that have stuck around long enough to begin to understand the world around us, but even then we have a long journey ahead of us. With that in mind, life is finding out how you fit in to this equation. How do you balance out, ya know? Like are you good? Are you bad? Are you both? Most of us are, so life is the process of understanding yourself in relation to your surroundings. Whether it be people or an environment, we react. That is life. A never-ending quest through a maze of good and bad emotions, trips, failures, allusions, and more, but the mystery is in how you will react to this things. 

You’ve got style… Original style. Therefore, I feel comfortable asking you: what’s the worst fashion trend going around right now in your eyes?

Sheesh….I see a lot of people just following the latest fad published on Complex, or whatever people subscribe to these days. I can’t point out specifically what I dislike because I wear all brands and styles. Whether it be street wear or high fashion, I like to take risk and mix things up. Clothing gives us a unique shell and free identity. What i don’t like in fashion is the lack of individuality. People are afraid to express themselves because people may not get it, or make fun of them. I admit, when people stare its weird, but what would life be if things were not strange and weird? I encourage the kids to find what moves them and express that through dress. Set yourself apart. Mix it up. Don’t be a clone. I go to rap shows and see a bunch of clones. Get groovy. 

Please give us your best description of what your music would look like if it were an object/person…

It would be green, pink and purple hued mist/cloud that floated above all earth.

Papers or blunts? Why, and be specific.

I choose White owl Cigars. Pineapple or Mango. I like the act of tossing javelins. They hit me harder. I know the arguments for the other side but I don’t care. Whatever your preference I’ll match. Boof Pack only. 

A man walks into a bar… It’s your bar. What kind of music is playing and what drink do you serve him?

It’s a Tuesday. You get to choose between a Dogfish Head or a Bombay Sapphire mixed drink . A playlist of songs featuring (Gucci Mane, Camron, Hounded, Bearcubs, Space Ghost Purrp,  Stwo, Kaytranada, Travis Scott, BYP, Black Kray, Asap Ferg and some future house stuff. Lastly I would play “Club Going Up on Tuesday” several times just because I thinks its fun and funny.

Lastly, if you could describe yourself using only 3 songs, what would they be?

“Rock With You” — Michael Jackson

Andre 3000’s verse from “16 Aint enough” 

2 Pac – “Dear Mama”


The Groovy God

John Saunders

Enjoy yourselves and be offended. Word is bond.