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Crossed Up with Adam Snow

23 Jan Crossed Up with Adam Snow

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Here’s another segment for ya: Crossed-Up. Everyone deserves a bit of fun. So let’s give it to the artists for a second. We ask the questions they wish they knew why we’re dishing them up. Confused? Good. They may not like them, they may not know how to answer them. But somehow you know who they are afterwards. Enjoy Adam Snow.

John: You’re in a local convenient store, one that smells peculiar. What items do you grab and why?

Adam: Why does it smell peculiar haha? I’m going with : bottled water (because you gotta stay hydrated), maybe some healthy snacks? you know… celery/carrots and the like. I’m on that health grind right now.

Please list 5 complaints you have right now about the music industry.

Damn, 5? that’s a lot haha . I’m not really a complainer. I think people are way too entitled these days, like… you really get out what you put in. If things don’t go your way at first keep at it until they do. That said , these are a few things I think could be improved on.

  1. Balance. I Feel like the industry is slightly skewed towards “Turn Up” music (which I love by the way) but we also gotta show love to a Joey Badass or a Nas.
  2. Breaking New Artists. Some people are so caught up in the business side of things that they are scared to really take a chance on new talent.
  3. Integrity. Again , there’s people in this game that are just in it for the money and I hope they will come to value the art more. Like, people see a Jay Z or a Dr. Dre making tons of money and want to get into the game for the wrong reasons. This leads to an oversaturated market and makes it harder for authentic talent to be noticed. That said, I actually enjoy the competition because that’s gonna push me to be a better artist and I think the good stuff will inevitably rise to the top.

Who is “Amelia”?

That’s my friend . She’s like the answer to 50 Cent’s 21 questions. When the chips were down, she was riding with me for better or worse.

What does it mean when you say you’re a “Water Enthusiast”?

Some people enjoy a nice glass of milk,orange juice, whatever. I like water. That’s my drink of choice. People say it tastes like nothing but I disagree. I Mean, everywhere you go the quality and flavor of the water is going to be different.

Give us five pizza toppings you wouldn’t put together on one pizza.

I actually stopped eating dairy a few years ago so we could put whatever on it but its not gonna get eaten haha.

If you were writing a letter to Lil B, what would it say?

Well I’ve written multiple letters to Lil B actually. That’s my guy. When I started out with this music I never thought my work would make it to places like Pitchfork or Rolling Stone. Thanks to him, It did. I heard his house burnt down or something recently so I’d probably just check in and see how he’s doing.

What are the last 3 things in your search history?

A$AP YAMS, Young Jeezy, Animation

You have one free coupon for an evening with the producer of your choice. How do you wine them, and how do you dine them? We won’t go any further.

I’m going with Kanye West. We’ll start out at his crib. maybe mess around with some beats and talk music.Then we’ll order some Mr. Chows straight to the studio and just hang out for a bit. After that, we’ll head out and catch an opera with Kim. I know he’s got a kid now so we’ll prolly call it a night after that.

Give us one Adam Snow riddle, and we will try to figure it out.

If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago.

(I have no clue what the eff that means. Fail.)

Last but not least, if your year as an artist in 2015 were a mythical creature, what would it be and why?

A Phoenix . Because I’m rising from the ashes of my former self.



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Enjoy yourselves and be offended. Word is bond.