Chordashian Drops Funky "3005" Remix [Download] | Brightside
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Chordashian Drops Funky “3005” Remix [Download]

01 Dec Chordashian Drops Funky “3005” Remix [Download]

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About a year ago, New York-based production team Chordashian released one of my favorite Indie Dance jams of all time, “Skyscraper Souls.”  Today, they slow things down to 100BPM, with some vibes reminiscent of the deeper nu-disco sound of old.  The track in question is Childish Gambino’s mega hit “3005.”  Sampling sounds from the original, as well as implementing some timely bedsqueaks and “Hol’ Ups,” Chordashian makes this remix sick.  Dance to it!


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