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Childish Gambino to Voice Spiderman in XD Series [News]

26 Aug Childish Gambino to Voice Spiderman in XD Series [News]

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(via LeakyNews)

While it’s hard to entirely dismiss the movies that brought us Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s cute chemistry, fans who supported the seemingly pipe-dream Donald Glover casting will now find themselves vindicated.

Glover – best known for his role as Troy Barnes on Community as well as his rap career under the moniker Childish Gambino – is voicing Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universe version of Spider-Man. The character will appear in an upcoming episode of the Disney XD series Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.

The casting decision seems especially fitting given the inspiration behind Miles Morales’ creation in the first place. Morales was created by prominent comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis and first appeared in Ultimate Fallout #4 in August 2011. Bendis has since acknowledged that the Glover Spider-Man campaign partly influenced the creation of Miles, along with Bendis’s own adopted daughters (who are black).

Newcomers to the Spider-Man Disney show as well as the current run of comics may find themselves confused at the above clip. In the Ultimates run of comics, Morales becomes Spider-Man after Peter Parker dies, but despite the show being titled Ultimate Spider-Man, the lead is played by Peter Parker. The series will ‘see Parker travelling between realities on the trail of the Green Goblin as the villain collects DNA from various Spider-Men,’ in what will match up with the ‘Spider-Verse’ story set to take place in the comics.

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