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Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave. [Hip-Hop]

28 Nov Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave. [Hip-Hop]

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It seems like every time we boot up our computers lately, Childish Gambino is releasing a new track or in the news. The amount of buzz Donald Glover has created around his much anticipated Because the Internet is off the charts. If you haven’t figured it out by now he released (not leaked like Sweatpants) yet another track, “Telegraph Ave.”  The track is filled with an abundance of filtered vocals that sort of portrays a style similar to Drake. But as soon as you begin doubting the style “Telegraph Ave” he comes in with his fast paced bars that stay true to Childish Gambino’s style. If you guys aren’t as excited for Because the Internet’s release on December 10, you need to check out the rest of Childish Gambino‘s recent releases and join the hype!

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