Childish Gambino Announces 'STN MTN/Kauai' Mixtape [News] | Brightside
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Childish Gambino Announces ‘STN MTN/Kauai’ Mixtape [News]

29 Aug Childish Gambino Announces ‘STN MTN/Kauai’ Mixtape [News]

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After announcing participation as the new voice of Spiderman on the XD network, Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover has some more news.

“With Jaden Smith as ‘The Boy.”


I hope it doesn’t to be honest. It’s most likely some kind of hint at the script he’s been writing for But, the mixtape art (found at makes this appear to be a two-part project, as the name also indicates.

We’ll have to wait and see what it all means. Will Jaden be featured on the tape? Will he be a part of some complimentary script? Will half of the mixtape be a concept project about Jaden? Until we get the answers, check out pictures of Donald in Hawaii on his Deep Web Tour blog and hear his newest song “Candler Road” here.

John Saunders

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