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Brightside’s Top Tastemakers of 2014

30 Dec Brightside’s Top Tastemakers of 2014

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Being a tastemaker in the sprawling music industry of today is no easy conquest.  Over the years, many brands have tried and failed to gain traction with music consumers and build loyalty.  At the end of the day, it takes hard work and perseverance to keep a tastemaker brand afloat, so we wanted to throw a shout out to our favorites of 2014:


earmilk (1)


One of the OG music blogs and reigning champs of the blogosphere is Earmilk.  Their unique blend of all things cool, from indie to electronic, has been collecting clicks for a good portion of the last decade.

Earmilk on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site

Stoney Roads


Stoney Roads really gained a lot of support alongside the huge upswing in worldwide acknowledgement of Australian musicians.  Their style and branding are top notch, and we always look forward to their exclusive material.

Stoney Roads on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site

Pigeons & Planes


Based primarily upon Hip-Hop and Indie tunes, Pigeons & Planes is one of our go-to outlets for new jams.  Their characteristic black and pink color way sets them apart, and their skillfully curated content keeps them relevant for any music connoisseur.

Pigeons & Planes on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site

The Music Ninja


The sultans of sarcasm over at The Music Ninja have an awesome, interactive site.  With an integrated audio player, anyone can peruse through some of the latest tunes and build custom playlists.

The Music Ninja on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site



Alaya popped up on our radar this year as one of our go-to sources for them slow-burners.  The Alaya Radio show has also been one of our top choices for car rides & late nights.  Go check em out.

Alaya on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site




Vice affiliate Thump has been killing it in 2014 with their creative and informative editorials.  They like to feature pieces from artists, themselves, which really gets us going.  That little Canadian magazine that took over the world did it right with Thump.

Thump on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site




Another one of the OG music blogs, Gotta Dance Dirty has been selflessly promoting the best in dance music since 2008.  Their guest mixes are one of the most sought-after sets in electronic music, and are some of our favorites.

GottaDanceDirty on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site

Vibe With It



VibeWithIt, originally WallflowerFood, is an indie-dance music brand based out of San Diego.  One of the early adopters of the tropical movement in 2014, their mobile app and Soundcloud page are both hot commodities.

Vibe With It on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site

Indie Shuffle


With possibly the most comprehensive built in media player, Indie Shuffle is at the top of the Indie totem.  This “smart radio service” may just be one of the best sources for tunes online.

Indie Shuffle on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site



Known first and foremost as fashion tastemakers, our friends across the pond at i-D have now made a big splash in music.  Curating their “Music to…” mixes has added a creative splash on guest mixes.

i-D on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Site



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