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Brightside’s Top Artists of 2014

31 Dec Brightside’s Top Artists of 2014

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Now this may be the most difficult list for us to execute. Not only do we want to list all of our favorites from the past year, but its important for us here at Brightside to truly give you what our collective idea of THE BEST was. We narrowed this list down to just ten different artists, based off of their overall impact on the industry this year, whether it was playing shows, stirring the pot of musical philosophy, or just releasing stellar music to enjoy. This is Brightside’s top artists of 2014.

Run the Jewels


Run the Jewels is an American hip hop duo, formed by New York City-based rappermusic producer El-P and Atlanta-based rapper Killer Mike, in 2013. Not only did Run the Jewels 2 stomp music charts and blog reviews this year, these guys brought back what it means to be rebel hip-hop. Not to mention they survived their tour bus fire and went on to play even more shows after the flamey debacle.

Run the Jewels on Facebook | Site

Chet Faker


We’ve almost ran out of space for Chet Faker on our website, and we even featured him on the front cover of the BETA Optic. Chet destroyed the game across the globe in 2014, especially within his home continent of Australia, taking home the whole lot of ARIA awards and selling out over 150 shows.

Chet Faker on Facebook | Soundcloud | Site



Peder Losnegård, known by the stage name Lido, pronounced ly-do, (earlier LidoLido) is a Norwegian hip hop artist, rapper, producer and songwriter. In 2014 the electronic music scene was turned sideways as his hip-hop and more orchestral arrangements were introduced. He’s also opening act to several tours, the biggest to date being Beyoncé in Telenor Arena. Others include Bun-B, Talib Kweli, Madcon, Paperboys.

Lido on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



18-year-old singer/songwriter Raury took the world by the balls this year and redefined what a new generation of music could be. His debut project Indigo Child was one of the most discussed albums of 2014, cultivating conversation about hip-hop, teen angst as superstars, and even the idea of what a finished project really was. 2014 was the year of artists like him breaking into their own unique pockets of the industry, and he was the spearhead.

Raury on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Anna Lunoe


EPs, singles, tours — Australia’s sweetheart of house heat had a monster year in 2014. Both singing and producing on most her tracks, Anna Lunoe has proven herself to be amongst some of the biggest breakout artists.  Look out for some power moves from her in 2015. After all, she’s your Bass Drum Dealer…. and she always delivers!

Anna Lunoe on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



Sylvain Richard AKA 20syl, is a producer/rapper/composer and member of MC group Hocus Pocus as well as a member of the DJ collective C2C, quadruple world champion DMC Team. As if his history wasn’t enough to portray his credibility, this guy had one of the most flawless years as a producer. He released over 15 different tracks/mixes, and created a name for himself (not only in France) but across the globe. A Brightside favorite that most have slept on!

20syl on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Chance The Rapper


Chancelor Bennett, better known by his stage name Chance The Rapper, is an American hip hop recording artist from the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois who made our Top 25 last year. In 2014 Chance released only a couple of free mixtapes with covers and remixes involved, but his lack of new output was not an issue with his growing popularity. He toured the entire world for almost the entirety of 2014, only stopping due to illness. Chance’s influence on his fans with modern jazz (alongside The Social Experiment) and outspoken opinion on the hip-hop realm has given new life to the industry and instrumentation as a whole.

Chance The Rapper on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Mr. Carmack

Mr. Carmack aka Aaron Carmack is a Hawaii-based producer blurring the distinction between Hip Hop and Dance Music, residing amongst the greats over at Soulection. Now many of you may disagree with us on this one, stating that this year was nothing compared to the year he had in 2013. Well take a look at the releases he had this year, and try with all your might to tell me you didn’t groove to each and every one. This choice is based off of consistency with talent, and Carmack’s ability to cross-genres and fuse sounds we never would have imagined. Bravo, sir.

Mr. Carmack on Facebook | Soundcloud



2 YEARS IN A ROW! To be honest, Flume is on this list because we’ve never had more fun at a show before until we watched him play at Splash House, all the while splashing in a pool as instructed. The kid is not only looked up to in an industry where everyone around him has a good 5 years on him, but he’s almost to the status of urban legend. 2014 was a touring year for him, but he sold out more shows and played more countries than most in all the world. We’ve talked a lot about the recent cross between hip-hop and electronic, but this guy is it.

Flume on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

John Saunders

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