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Brightside’s Breakout Predictions For 2015

05 Jan Brightside’s Breakout Predictions For 2015

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First off, happy new year everybody!  The online music community has come a long way over the past year, and we’ve most definitely enjoyed the ride.  In spirit of 2015, we thought we’d bring you all a list of our ones to watch.  With out further ado, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the following breakout musical geniuses:

Tate Tucker


Los Angeles rhyme slayer Tate Tucker burst upon the scene this past year with his hard words remarkable flow.  He’s personally told us of the massive catalogue he has under wraps for 2015, so join us as we await some fire from his camp.

Tate Tucker on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter




Olivia McCarthy AKA JOY. is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter who shows a ton of potential inside the realm of instrumental and natural music. She claims to be alternative, and her style is at least that. From her first drop, blogs everywhere have been anticipating her blow-up, and we are sure to be behind it as soon as it hits. For now, enjoy her come up.

JOY. on Facebook | Soundcloud

Daye Jack


Another up-and-comer on the hip-hop tip, Daye Jack combines a soulful, chilled out vibe with cutting lyrics.  Mark our words, this dude is will be one of the front runners in rap by the end of 2015.

Daye Jack on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

sam gellaitry


This dude already has a massive Soundcloud following and a place on the Soulection roster, but this seems to be only the beginning for sam gellaitry.  With a likeness to Mr. Carmack, this guy might be one of the best hip-hop/trap/bass producers out right now.

sam gellaitry on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


BEND is a new duo from Los Angeles, combining the digital-infused singer-songwriter sensibilities of frontman Sean Eads with the carefully developed sound of producer Gnash. Their newest project MERMAID WEATHER was released December 2014 and is available for purchase is here.

BEND on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Ayo Alex

ayo alex

Ayo Alex blew up in the ladder half of 2014.  Remixes of Future, The Chainsmokers, and Big Sean have cemented his crossover hip-hop/future house style, as well as racked up a hell of a lot of streams.  Look out for this Syracuse grad, and check out his Bright Futures Mix while you’re at it.

Ayo Alex on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


[No current photo]

In the past four months, this French duo has managed to secure one of the tops spots on our watch list.  Saje. incorporates brilliant, soulful vocals with stunning production.  LOOK. OUT. 2015.

Saje. on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Atlas Bound

atlas bound

Much like Saje., the next duo is also a blend of stunning vocals and production.  The Australian Atlas Bound team carries a very “Chet Faker-y” vibe in all of their material, and has huge plans for the coming year.

Atlas Bound on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



Remember that unknown DJ that got a shot at a B2B set with Skrillex?  Welp, look what two hours of dropping house bombs with the OWSLA head honcho will do for you.  Mija has been touring like crazy and is fresh off a huge record with Lil Jon.

Mija on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



With almost 100,000 Soundcloud followers, San Diego-based esta. is bound to have a killer year.  He’s another one of those Soulection cats who haven’t quite hit that mainstream notoriety (this will change soon).

esta. on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



The creative mind behind la+ch is just getting started.  The project features amazing production, instrumentation and falsetto vocals fairy reminiscent of the Zhu project.  Big things ahead!

la+ch on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Tom Misch


What an amazing year it was for London-based Tom Misch.  Emotional, instrument-driven production projects put his name in many headlines.  A super dope collaboration EP with Carmody was his parting gift to 2014.

Tom Misch on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Marian Hill


Marian Hill may be the most dynamic male-female vocal-prod duo we’ve seen since AlunaGeorge.  These guys are a well oiled machine, featuring stunning aspects in both the vocal and production sides.

Marian Hill on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

A Sol Mechanic

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 8.54.50 PM

Another good buddy of ours, A Sol Mechanic is next level.  An absolute animal on a vocoder, this guy keeps getting better and better with every release.  Look out for these vibes in 2015.

A Sol Mechanic on Facebook | Soundcloud

Lucki Eck$


Chicago-based Lucki Eck$ is known for his smooth, laid back flow.  However slow-paced, the intensity is never in short supply.  A collaboration with Chance The Rapper just popped his Soundcloud page up a few notches, he’s about to pounce on 2015.

Lucky Eck$ on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



Another indie-electronic act from Los Angeles, Børns.  This one-man act has a little bit of everything, and has obviously sparked the attention of the big names behind him.  Look out!

BØRNS on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


Chase Ohlson

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