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Brightside Select: Childish Gambino – IV. Sweatpants

28 Dec Brightside Select: Childish Gambino – IV. Sweatpants

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Hello Brightsiders! We’re here to introduce the latest segment of Brightside Live for all of you to enjoy. Brightside Select is going to be a growing collection of our go-to tracks that never disappoint. This is going to be our way of exposing all of you to must-hear tracks that you may or may not have accidentally missed. We do our best to expand our listeners musical taste as much as we expand our own, and we hope Brightside Select will be beneficial to all!

For the first installment, we decided to highlight none other than Childish Gambino. Gambino (Donald Glover) took over the hip-hop world with his recent release of Because the Internet. After listening to the entire album from start to finish on a long car ride, we believe that Because the Internet is without a doubt one of the best albums of 2013. The unique approach that Childish Gambino took on his latest album resulted in an impressive storyline of tracks that resulted in a one-of-a-kind sound that can’t really be compared to any other album we have heard in a very long time.

The album boasts quite an impressive number of tracks, production, and features that had our ears glued to the speakers, but one track stood out that really made an impact on us. “IV. Sweatpants” is without a doubt, the stand-out track of Because the Internet. The bass-heavy, trap-like production sets the stage for Gambino’s flawless lyricism and eccentric delivery that rivals some of the best in the industry. “Gotta penthouse on both coasts, PH Balance!” Check it out for yourself, and while you’re at it grab Because the Internet on iTunes and expose yourself to one of the most unique and interesting artists in the music, entertainment, and comedy industries.

Click the headphones above for our first installment of Brightside Select.

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