Brightside Review: Sam Gellaitry's 'Short Stories' EP | Brightside
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Brightside Review: Sam Gellaitry’s ‘Short Stories’ EP

17 Feb Brightside Review: Sam Gellaitry’s ‘Short Stories’ EP

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If anyone is able to follow along with Sam Gellaitry then mother fucking props to you. This kid is one of the most intricate and original producers out today, and half the time I listen to him he makes me forget what I’m listening to. Maybe the right term is dumbfounded.

Short Stories sounds strikingly similar to stwo’s Ninety Two. It’s hip-hop, that’s for damn sure. But what is it about him? The orchestral arrangement of each number? THe shocking bas drops you’d never anticipate? The sounds that resemble that of an alleyway ensemble? No, it’s Sam’s undying love for the music he makes. It’s noticeable as you listen.

I give Short Stories a solid 7.5/10. Soulection did right by this kid, and I know the future is bright for him, whether we see his name or not. I imagine him in the background of much more to come, swiftly and slyly destroying productions for stars left and right. Bravo, Sam.

Sam Gellaitry – Short Stories EP

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