BNM Exclusive: Wild Boyz! - Galantis Remix + Interview | Brightside
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BNM Exclusive: Wild Boyz! – Galantis Remix + Interview

02 Jan BNM Exclusive: Wild Boyz! – Galantis Remix + Interview

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This week, I linked up with the Wild Boyz!, a top-notch Bass music producer and remixer out in my neck of the woods of San Francisco. As the conversation continued, its pretty easy to understand the Wild Boyz! talent for remixing… their remix of Lorde – Royals hit the highly regarded, Hypem #1.


Today, they present us with their latest remix of  Galantis – Runaway (U&I). In addition, to the remix release, we were able to catch up with Kean of Wild Boyz! for a quick interview:

Interview by Jakey – SF Manager  and Kean of Wild Boyz!

Jakey: What’s in store for Wild Boyz! in 2015?

Wild Boyz!: We’re wrapping up two EPs, both of which will be released sometime in early 2015. We’ve been working on the Tarantism EP since 2014 and I’m eager to get that one out. We’ve also got a single/remix EP that I’m really excited about as well. It features vocals from an awesome upcoming act and remixes from some of my favorite artists that we handpicked to be a part of the EP. We wanted to have remixes in a bunch of different genres, so we asked a handful of artists to put their spin on the track, and luckily most of them liked it so much that they agreed to do it. Aside from those two EPs, we’ll be putting out some more remixes and finishing up some cool collabs, and continuing to experiment with new sounds.


Jakey: What’s your Brightside? As in, whats your motivation for making music?

Wild Boyz!: I don’t think that there is any one specific thing that I can point to as the sole motivation behind the music I make, and I think that is reflected in the variety of genres that I’ve worked in over the past two years. There’s just nothing I’d rather be doing to be honest. I think that if I wasn’t able to create something new everyday, I’d go crazy, so it’s just what I do I guess.


Jakey: Where do you find inspiration to make the music you do?

Wild Boyz!: There are a lot of things that inspire me to be honest. Of course, music in and of itself is a huge source of inspiration, but I also draw from other parts life and the things going on around me. I try to take in as much as I can and turn my experiences into some form of art, be it through music or graphics or something else. Over the past year my goal has been to create music that embodies a specific theme, so when I come across a concept that inspires me, I try to capture that theme in a song and develop that idea musically. Sometimes I’ll make album art before writing a song and try to recreate its visual concept within the music; that’s always an interesting way to work. But like I said, there’s never really one specific place or thing that I go to for inspiration or motivation to make music, it kind of just comes from anywhere and that’s what makes it so exciting I think.

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Jake Randolph

Hey Brightsiders, I’m Jake Randolph or better known as Jakey around these parts. I am the San Francisco Manager for Brightside and I’m in charge of all of the unique music, stories and events coming out of the great city of San Francisco. My exposure to music started when my older sisters would repeatedly make me listen to 90’s Pop music like Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, New Kids on the Block and many others. Big shout out to my mom for letting me rock MC Hammer Pants and a Vanilla Ice haircut! As I transcended through my youth and teenage years I was hooked on Hip Hop and R&B with a little Rock mixed in here and there. After college I moved to SF and I kicked off my DJ career. I am now DJing throughout the Western US and working as a Producer making all sorts of dance music. To me… music is not just something you listen to… its a language that speaks to people all over the world. No matter where you are or what type of mood you’re in, there’s always a song out there that can take you to a better place. Blue Skies and Good Vibes.