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NYE in SF with TRAVISWILD: A BNM Exclusive Interview

30 Dec NYE in SF with TRAVISWILD: A BNM Exclusive Interview

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Two years ago, a mutual friend in San Francisco told me she wanted to introduce me to another DJ in the City… which happened to be her friend, Travis. Not knowing who he was I agreed. Soon after she linked us up and I was introduced into the wild world of TRAVISWILD and his Animal Kingdom.

Since those early days, TRAVISWILD has gone on a tear through San Francisco, playing shows city-wide at top venues and holding a monthly residency for his infamous Animal Parties. If you’re not familiar, The Animal Party is a monthly, animal themed night, where him and his brother (Tristan) transform a regular club into a jungle paradise, full of inflatable animals, wild decorations and bouncey beats. In addition to SF, they’ve taken it on the road with regular parties in New York City and a Summer Series out in The Hamptons.

Over the holidays, I had a chance to catch up with my old friend, TRAVISWILD for an Exclusive Brightside interview. TRAVISWILD makes his way to Fort Mason on NYE for EyeHeartSF’s premier event, Streets of SF, where he’ll share the stage with Chromeo, Kill Paris, and the ‘Sultan of Summer’, Viceroy.

Interview by Jakey – SF Manager

Jakey:  Talk to us about how TRAVISWILD came to be and what got you into music and DJing?

TRAVISWILD: Music has been an everyday part of my life since I was a child. Growing up in Michigan, I listened to all types of music ranging from jazz & blues to classic rock & hip hop. When my brother Tristan came back from Europe with some trance compilations I was hooked around the age of 13. I always wanted to do more electronic music so I started making my own hour long sets and sharing with friends. When I moved to California I took it a step further, started DJ’ing after parties which quickly turned into gigs all over SF & TRAVISWILD was born 2 1/2 years ago.

J: How would you describe your style/music tastes and who are some of the artists you really enjoy spinning?

T: My taste varies since I grew up listening to nearly every genre of music. What makes electronic music so wonderful is that there is something for everyone. My style is very bouncey which creates my favorite kind of dancing…side to side. Right now I am playing a lot of g-house from the likes of Amine Edge & Dance, Croatia Squad & MK but I also love techno, deep house & true progressive house so people will definitely hear me play Eric Prydz, Cubicolor & Hot Since 82.

J: You and your brother (Tristan) started putting on The Animal Party in San Francisco a couple years back. Its now grown coast to coast and has even reached out to New York City & The Hamptons. Can you describe what an Animal Party is like for our readers/viewers? Are there any special ones in store coming up for 2015?

T: An Animal Party is one of the most friendly collaborative nights out one can experience. People come dressed in animal inspired outfits to a venue that we have outfitted with anything from real jungle plants to a fully white winter wonderland. We have a massive show planned for July 5th in The Hamptons which is always the highlight of the summer but NYC continues to grow more and more after each show. We are also working on some very fun showcases at Hawthorn in SF starting on January 9th! Save the date 😉

J: You’ve recently taken a hiatus from SF to pursue music production school in New York. Tell us about that experience and how is it going? What type of music have you been focusing on?

T: Indeed! I moved to New York City in mid September and attended Dubspot to focus on producing. It is the only way to make it big as a DJ & the school has been a huge boost towards creating solid tracks. I have been working on many different types but right now I’m focusing on remixing some classic tunes that haven’t been revived yet.

J: Streets of SF NYE is coming up in a few days. The lineup is awesome this year with Chromeo, Kill Paris, Viceroy, yourself and Aaron Axelsen. How excited are you? Anything special we should look out for in your set!?

T: Excited for NYE in San Francisco would be putting it lightly. This will be the biggest crowd I have performed for and the Eye Heart team has brought in some of the best artists in the game right now. They put their hearts & souls into creating the best experience for everyone at their events and NYE is their biggest show of the year. I plan to start with some deep dancey tunes, then bounce around to some g house and finally bring it home with some solid progressive favorites. I have a few edits & remixes of my own I’ll be playing for the first time so get their early to let out that inner animal :).

If your still looking for something to do on NYE, there are tickets still available to catch TRAVISWILD, Chromeo, Kill Paris, Viceroy and Aaron Axelsen at EyeHeartSF’s Streets of SF NYE –  [Tickets].

Be sure to listen to TRAVISWILD’s Animal Kingdom Radio Episode above. His second installment of Top Tracks of 2014 is due out this week.

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Jake Randolph

Hey Brightsiders, I’m Jake Randolph or better known as Jakey around these parts. I am the San Francisco Manager for Brightside and I’m in charge of all of the unique music, stories and events coming out of the great city of San Francisco. My exposure to music started when my older sisters would repeatedly make me listen to 90’s Pop music like Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, New Kids on the Block and many others. Big shout out to my mom for letting me rock MC Hammer Pants and a Vanilla Ice haircut! As I transcended through my youth and teenage years I was hooked on Hip Hop and R&B with a little Rock mixed in here and there. After college I moved to SF and I kicked off my DJ career. I am now DJing throughout the Western US and working as a Producer making all sorts of dance music. To me… music is not just something you listen to… its a language that speaks to people all over the world. No matter where you are or what type of mood you’re in, there’s always a song out there that can take you to a better place. Blue Skies and Good Vibes.