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A Simple Reminder of the Brightside Mission

27 Nov A Simple Reminder of the Brightside Mission

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In a new article on Conversations About Her, the writers explained to us something none of us ever realize:

Rock bands such as Arctic Monkeys have contributed to the increase of vinyl sales with their newest album AM being the biggest seller in the format this year. Vinyl had seen a mass drop culturally and CDs were all the rage, but the classic 12” LP has been coming round again in recent years. The biggest sales boom for vinyl in 18 years, challenges the notion that digital downloading is becoming too overbearing and that people don’t enjoy music authentically anymore. This goes to show that the best stuff can never be forgotten.


So where do we stand? As Brightside? Let me tell you…

Dear Brightside readers,

Every single person behind the business of Brightside has heavy experience in digital marketing. Some of it I’m personally, morally not proud of. I’ve built/designed websites  I’ve seen things within businesses that work online that the world should know about. However, I decided a long time ago I was going to stay out of it, and let them do them. Nonetheless, each and every one of us see technology as a way to to make the world better, and digital marketing has a shockingly different mission. And now that labels have a hand in it (Soundcloud, Spotify, name any streaming service) the idea of artistic exposure is slowly dwindling.

We want the world to see the best of music. The very, very fucking best. And I guarantee it when I say it,

What labels are feeding you is NOT the best. Some, maybe. But most, absolutely not.

What’s our solution? Putting in the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to make sure this industry doesn’t fall to the puppet strings of those with wealth and prosperity. By bringing you the unheard, the unseen, the unloved, and the unbelievable, maybe we can eliminate the “uns” with sheer exposure to our readers.

How do you define a great artist? You can’t. That’s the point. They’re all different. The only thing different about some nowadays is they start with cash. I’m sorry to say it, but many bands and solo musicians who retain serious talent have rocky pasts or presents. It’s unfortunate for them, indeed. But, what is the sole thing we can do to keep artistic integrity a part of music, even when the going gets rough?

Make it reflective of life. Not of a sales quote. Make it authentic. Not a formula.

This report on vinyl sales not only shows that knowing great music is trendy, but that it’s still alive. People love music. They love it as an art. And it’s exciting to see the world awaken from their repetitive-output-induced comas.

We want you all to know, from deep down within our hearts, that we’re in this to save an art. Hopefully one day we can save all of them. But for now, we’re going to keep rolling with the artists and people that fuel our passion. Striving to give independent musicians their piece of the pie, just how the Arctic Monkeys have. Because, after all,

Art is art, and business is business. Last time I fucking checked, music is an art that has been around before humans knew what currency was.

So, to wrap this rant up, all I can say is that Brightside has the same mission, even after a few pivots and facelifts (one more to come this January). We want to preserve the art. Nothing more, nothing less. Stay tuned, and please, listen with your ears, don’t assume with your eyes.


John Saunders – CEO of Brightside

John Saunders

Enjoy yourselves and be offended. Word is bond.