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15 Best Chance the Rapper Verses of All Time

11 Mar 15 Best Chance the Rapper Verses of All Time

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Chance The Rapper

Next up on our list of all time best verses is the Chicago prodigy, Chance the Rapper. The chain smoker launched onto the scene through his simplistically golden lyrics and an annoying voice that we somehow deeply love. Enjoy.

1. Prom Night

Sure this might be a random little gem to come in as the first on our list, but Chance absolutely murders this track. Check out the end of verse one.

“They send my ass to summer school, don’t call it a comeback
I just came to beat a bully’s ass and get my lunch back
Chano y tequila you know you know you don’t want that
I rap my songs in Spanglish, I wrap my weed in blunt wraps
Wrapped up in this one line I hope that shit get unwrapped
As if niggas was getting signed off of a line off one rap
Yo Vic, remember when they called us some freshmen niggas rapping?”

2. Good Ass Intro

Chance has said in interviews that he spent more time on the intro to Acid Rap than the majority of his other tracks. The final result truly displays the effort.

“Call me Chancellor The Rapper, please say “The Rapper”
Magical word (poof), please say ‘Kadabra
Replay the replays; Green Bay, the Packers
Cremate your teammates and freebase the ashes
Matches to gas leaks, dusted dusk till dawn
It’s just us, and trust ya bottom bitch, my stuff the fucking bomb”

3. Juice

This track is another off of Acid Rap and is a classic display of Chance’s unique talent. It doesn’t ahve a very complex chorus so you know the verses on “Juice” are golden.

“God give me one sentence more
Maybe I just gotta get suspended more?
Hash tag it, get mentions for it
Make you love it, get it trending more
And then act humble
Hear some bull that some dude mumble
Wantin’ to jump dude, but let that nigga punk you
Knowin bitch niggas wanna bring guns to the rumbles, igh!

4. NaNa

Off of his sophomore mixtape, “NaNa” is certainly one of Chance’s more playful tracks. With a little help from Action Bronson, Chance brings us a tune that will be around for days to come.

“Acid, Acid, get it? Acid
Melts through plastic, I spit fired
Pad my palette, talkin’ paper
If this was work, I’d get higher
Pardon my mishaps, burp and get murdered
Fart and get bitch-slapped, like bourbon mixed with jack
Lickety-split, Look it! He slipped on a shell
From peelin’ banana splits back
Give me my Kit-Kat
Don’t break me off shit, batch, fack is you mean bitch?
Zan with that lean bitch, zan with that lean bitch
Zen with that chakra
I eat it like Idi Amin, ya kna wha’ mean
Hit me back when that mean shit

5. Hey Ma

Not any of that Cam’ron bull shit, Chance the Rapper brings new light to tracks named “Hey Ma”.

“I said ‘Hey Ma’, don’t go stretching your wallet
These niggas gotta pay me for taking a year from college
Go on get ya nails polished, stylist for your eyelids
And a pilot for your mileage for them frequent flights to your island
Ms. Brown and Ms. Polleck, little boy done grown up
Little voice done blown up, middle-class that bonus
Hey Ma, Hey Mama Jan; God just gave me another chance
Rod just gave me another line, probably gave me another fan
7-7-3, Oh, since Kanye was a three-old
Down the street from D. Rose, was practicing his free-throws
Shout out to that Gulf Shrimp, shout out to King Gyro
Shout out that Ms. Moody, auntie Toni them my heroes

6. No Better Blues

Chance apparently hates a lot of things.

“I hate my bed, I hate my home, I hate my job
I hate the wife, I hate the kids, I hate the dog
I hate the sun, I hate the rain, I hate the clouds
I hate the TV, hate the dinner, hate the couch
I hate the car, I hate the bus, I hate the road
I hate the bar, I hate to drink, I hate to smoke
I hate a stranger, hate his boss, I hate his friend
I hate the womb, I needed room, I ate my twin
I hate my hands, handshakes, pancakes, milkshakes
Child-resistant locks on the pill case
I hate inflation, hate the store, I hate to choose
I hate the war, I hate the poor, I hate the news
I hate the late, I can’t be early, hate to wait
I hate my lovers cause the way they suffocate
I fuck to hurt, it hurt to date, I hate to date
I fuck to hate, I hate to love, I hate to hate”

7. Cocoa Butter Kisses

Most of you could have guessed this one would be one here. In our defense some of Chance’s best analogies are in “Cocoa Butter Kisses”.

“Okie dokie, alky, keep it lowkey like Thor lil bro
Or he’ll go blow the loudy, saudy of sour Saudi
Wiley up off peyote, wilding like that coyote
If I sip any Henny, my belly just might be outie
Pull up inside a huggy, Starsky & Hutch a dougie
I just opened up the pack in an hour I’ll ash my lucky
Tonight she just yelling, “fuck me,” two weeks she’ll be yelling fuck me
Used to like orange cassette tapes with Timmy, Tommy, and Chuckie
And Chuck E. Cheese’s pizzas, Jesus pieces, sing Jesus love me
Put Visine inside my eyes so my grandma would fucking hug me
Oh generation above me, I know you still remember me
My afro look just like daddy’s, y’all taught me how to go hunting (BLAM!)”

8. Everybody’s Something

One of the few Chance the Rapper tracks that are a little slowed down instrumentally. Good to know tempo doesn’t hinder his lyrical ability.

“Right? IGH
I used to tell hoes I was dark light or off white
But I’d fight if a nigga said that I talk white
And both my parents was black
But they saw it fit that I talk right
With my drawers hid but
My hard head stayed in the clouds like a lost kite
But gravity had me up in a submission hold
Like I’m dancing with the Devil with two left feet and I’m pigeon toed
In two small point ballet shoes with a missing sole
And two missing toes
But it’s love like Cupid kissing a mistletoe

9. Nostalgia

Nostalgia is on of Chance the Rapper’s earlier gems, but one of my all time favorites. The second verse is certainly where it’s at.

“Let’s take it back like Indian givers
To Indian burns and Jiminy Crickets
To the smell of Pillsbury on biscuit mornings
To puffy wintercoats and Christmas mornings
I used to chill with the kids next door
And SpongeBob came around ’bout four

And then I’d hang with Bart’s guys
Around the bend was Smart Guy
Flipping through the picture books
Checking through my archives

Remember the old days, the ones you’ll never get back
At the end of parties, passing around gift bags

Now we blow entire O’s at one kick back
MY$FITS and mismatch
That get off like wristslaps”

10. Chain Smoker

The versus are incredible on this track, but the hook is to amazing to not include. Love this f*cking track. No other way to put it.

“Still a chain smoking
Name dropping
Good looking
Muh’ fucking
Motha, shut your mouth

Brain broken
Frank Ocean listening
Stain hitting, satin woodgrain gripping
Paint dripping
Motha, shut your mouth”

11. Pusha Man/Paranoia

This is another one of Chance’s greats off of Acid Rap. He talks about the drug game in Chicago and expresses it in a more clever way than you or I will ever be able to do.

“You a laaaaaaaame, and your bitch break down my weed sometimes
See my face in the streets, in the tweets
And a Reader or a RedEye if you read Sun-Times
She got blisters on her knees, she’s a fiend for the D
Even though I only beat one time
One time it was one two times
It was two plus me equals threesome time
Shouts out to Nate, I jackball and I bop, I flex
Got neck from all these thots I sex
Rastafari them shottas yes
House safari, mi casa, yes
Poppy fields of that popeye
She came to party, she popped a Molly
Said “come to papa”, she said “papa, yes”

12. Life Round Here (Remix)

Chance took a bit of time to collaborate with the great mind of James Blake for a remix of “Life Round Here”. It’s a different style for him, but it seems to oddly fit him very well.

“Why every time I land in London, land of Lincoln all on my mind?(IGH)
I plan to plane it back after playin’ a packed show in due time
I’m ’round about I bought a round of English ale for my pals
A bouncer sold a ounce of rubbish weed to me for like 200 pounds
I think my english’s getting real real bad
Cause this dumb bitch said I’m real real bad
No sprechen sie Dumb but I’m real, real good
Dark skinned Mike but I still feel bad
I’m a chill pill addict
I wonder if God’s still magic
I wonder if Nas stillmatic
Down under the north it’s still havoc
Why I run around wonderin’, wanderin’, ponderin’ life
Life ’round here, when
Life ain’t really been ’round here in some times
Sometimes it’s no one ’round here

13. Family

This track definitely takes on a much more serious message than other Chance the Rapper tracks and features his good friend Vic Mensa. Not only does Chance kill the hook, but lays down an incredible second verse.

“Don’t wake up, don’t wake up, don’t wake up too fast
Don’t make up your mind, you should flake on that class
Sing all you want, just don’t Drake on they ass
Shore you got drive, don’t turn fake on they ass
Good morning, good raps, good morrow, good luck
Tonight you could blow, tomorrow you suck
Bizarro, my carro, I borrowed from Chuck
A new SLR and Ferrarro deluxe
No money for the meter when I’m parkin’ em
Gassed than a bitch no car with him
Market him, tell him that he’s buzzing like a game of operation with Parkinsons
Young kid rappers, kidnappers
Young whipper snapper that will whip past ya
Will get at you, come get at you
Wanna break ya off, Come Kit-Kat you

14. 2014 XXL Freshman Freestyle

Chance joined Isaiah Rashad, Ty Dolla Sign, and more for the XXL Freshman lineup in 2014. His freestyle was simple and expressive of his notable style.

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper
My sword look just like Michael’s
He lent it to me, this a house of God
I’m just leasing, he rent it to me
This sentence he penned it too
That’s a Gmail, he sent it to me
I can send you his contact, hit him if you in combat
Hit him if you in traffic, even if there ain’t no static
That’s my G, he got me shinin’
My hair, he made it tangled
My seed, don’t need no lining
A halo fits on an angel
And if the shoe fits, I’ll tie his and let the kiddie rap
Finally give the city back, and ask God for a piggy-back
Up on his shoulders I notice, I’m within earshot
I yell, “Thanks for makin’ us in your image
You got a good sense of hubris

15. Favorite Song

I’ll be the first one to say that this isn’t necessarily up there in my favorite Chance the Rapper songs (no pun intended), but the first verse is too great to not include.

“Chance, acid rapper, soccer, hacky sacker
Cocky khaki jacket jacker
Slap-happy faggot slapper
Iraqi rocket launcher
Shake that Laffy Taffy, jolly raunchy rapper
Bang, bang, bang – skeet, skeet, skeet
She do that thing for three retweets
The album feel like ’92
Now take that ball ‘fore he three-peat
Chance, ho, acid head, cruising on that LSD
Asked Joseph about my deal
He looked back said “hell yeah, let’s eat!

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